The Ps3 Scandal!!!!!

Indiana Jones

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With every new console release there will always be people buying just to re-sell for profit but 1200 out of 1500 does seem like alot but there is nothing illegal about it.


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I spoke about this before. Its a total disgrace and the main japanese media are keeping quiet.

This is all run by the yakuza and they are out to make money.

Thats why the press dont say anything. The police? Dont make me laugh! They are often paid off by the Yakuza...

Most people who i met in the PS3 line on the launch day were there to make money, not to buy a console.:nono:

I see many people applauding this type of behaviour, but i still think its a disgrace. I was thinking of doing something similar, but i changed my mind.

I hope sony start doing something about this, but i bet in some way they are behind this sort of crap.

They loose money every time a PS3 is sold, but if they were to buy them up and sell them online for a larger sum, it wouldnt hurt them as much.

Conspiracy theorists rejoice!:D


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Sony has brought all this on itself by not selling the PS3 in all regions at the same time. Surely, this behaviour could have been predicted.

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