The Prom (Netflix) Movie Review & Comments


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At last a review we can agree on, gave it 15 mins, decided i would have more fun licking the floor of an abattoir and moved on.


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Thanks for the Review Kumari
In the words of Marvin the Paranoid Android;
"Sounds Awful"


The only thing Corden's been bearable in was Gavin and Stacey, but even then it's the rest of the cast that was appreciated.
If you've seen Corden's US chat show, you'll have quickly realised how slight, fake and annoying he is for it and what you'll get is a weak repackaged version of it every time in whatever he does. The power of one Tony Award ('community' accepting 'talent'), being British ('clever'), a fat ('relatable') night show host (powerful) who sucks up to stars and lets them promote their wares shouldn't be underestimated.
Hire him and it's more of the same.
The supposed message here all too often gets lost in either being too out there to convince those you're allegedly attempting to change minds on, that one wonders if that is the intent or, to just stick it to people because you know you're not going to achieve anything beyond self-indulgent glitz and so be for those of like mind that will forgive/go along with anyway, as they prance (can you say that any more?) about in their homes and excuse in sofa dance.
I'm clearly not the target audience here, as I dislike most musicals and would like to think that I try to be live and let live anyway and so not need swaying. What I do disagree with though, is any excuse to supposedly justify tripe like this and risk having accusations levied by some when I find it wanting. However, I can't see too many ardent fans of Murphy's, seriously proactive gay people and musical fans being able to defend this atrocity.
Desperate times bringing unwarranted glamorized desperation.


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I really enjoyed this movie. It was kinda cheesy at some parts, but I loved it for what it was, and the message is extremely powerful and timely. What attracted me to this film originally was the ensemble cast of established and new stars. I even had the opportunity to interview Nathaniel Potvin (who plays Kevin), which only got me more intrigued.

Click here and check out the interview whenever you have a second.

Hopefully, it gives you a different outlook on the film like it's given me!
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Even though it's obvious this film is terrible, I still read every word of this review. Very well written indeed!

Absence of political commentary also appreciated.


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Watched this tonight and thought it was excellent. Like CL60 I really enjoyed the movie, I thought it was upbeat, very colourful and entertaining with lots of excellent dance routines and great singing. I realise it has a message that might put some people off watching the movie but give it a try and you may be surprised.
Just to raise a point about 'encasers' views regarding James Corden. Have a look at the movie 'One chance' or go on youtube to see him in any of his Carpool Karaoke episodes. The guy can act, and the guy can sing. He's a talented entertainer who has made it big in the U.S.A.

p.s. You want to watch a rubbish movie, try 'The Loss Adjuster'. I bet you don't make the final credits !!


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Just watched this and thought it was great! Brash, oversaturated and just bloody good fun. And it was a great way of introducing some higher level LGBTQ ideas for our kids. Really couldn't recommend it highly enough - honestly felt like a must watch for us.

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