The Prodigy - 10 years later

My favourite Prodigy album is...

  • The Prodigy Experience

    Votes: 3 15.8%
  • Music For The Jilted Generation

    Votes: 8 42.1%
  • The Fat Of The Land

    Votes: 8 42.1%

  • Total voters


Just been listening to The Prodigy Experience and happened to notice the 'Copyright 1992' reference on the sleeve. Can't believe that album is 10 years old!

Personally I don't they ever bettered that collection as a whole, it was so vibrant, original and eclectic. Listening back to virtually every tune nowadays, it's almost like an audio version of a rave music textbook. It literally *defines* that style of music.

That said, I know a lot of mates who prefer the guitar based, more 'rock' like production of subsequent albums and, of course, the 'breakthrough' material like Firestarter and Breathe.

BTW, my favourite track would have to be 'Your Love'. Genius.

So, what's your favourite Prodigy experience?


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Never been a big fan pf Prodigy, but I do really like Fiirestarter/Breatehe (even if they do sound a touch similar :D). II keep meaning to check out albums other than FOTL, but not had time yet.

The 1st album.

Chopped & pitched up vocals.
Skippy breakbeats, rave synth stabs & Michael Fish.
Keith with long hair & Leroys quick feet.


Where's my Cubase?
Where's my Emu E6400 Ultra sampler?
Where's my Nord Rack synth?

A really great album.



Saw them live in Glasgow on Saturday night and all I can say is wow!

Absolutely amazing stage show and the new material went down really well, even Baby's got a temper' which I didn't really like when I heard the single was amazing.

One bad thing though, they only played for about an hour which is pretty crappy for a festival headline act.

Anyway, favourite albums gotta be Jilted Generation.

Cyber Spawn

The Prodigy Rocked Reading.

It was great they finshed the festival.

I liked all their new material it all kicked ass.

Fav Album: Fat of the Land


FOTL's cool. I really like (can't remember the names for the life of me...) tracks 6 (slightly oriental keyboard) and 10 (very rock).

david plunkett

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Cant pick, it is between Experiance which was my time with the prodg, or jilted which is great. I like songs off the fat, but i dont rate it as an album, I think kieth should of kept his mouth shout lyricly after firestarter.

experience closely followed by jilted generation.

they were flat out amazing at the leeds festival on friday night sooo much energy it was untrue.


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Originally posted by James45
experience closely followed by jilted generation.

they were flat out amazing at the leeds festival on friday night sooo much energy it was untrue.

heh heh, they diid look a little tired yesterday :)

Drunken Master

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FOTL has aged really badly. I never really MFTGG for the Experience all the way for me, takes me back to my raving days


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Wot about the prodigy album the phong mixes?????

was a my fav by miles....cant seem to find it in my collection atm but i know i bought it...seems like a trip round sofaboys is on the cards ;)

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