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Can anyone help me. This weekend on the UK version of the Sci-Fi Channel TV station, they will be airing all 17 episodes of the seminal 60's TV show "The Prisoner".

Now, my query is this: according to the official Prisoner Website at: Site link here their is problems on the A&E release on the Region 1 versions of this show. Now whilst it is possible to get the DVD's changed for new, corrected ones, I'm confused as to which region I should go for. (There appears to be so many different releases!)

So, should I go for a Region 1 release, the R1 boxed set, or one of the many varying Region 2 versions that exist?

My main priority, apart from sound and picture quality, is that I get all editions with the new, longer versions of some of the later episodes, any behind-the-scenes stuff, and as many extras as possible. (So, basically, I want everything... and then some! :D )

Any help from other "Prisoner" fans would be appreciated.




The US R1 release is expensive as only 2 episodes per disk. UK R2 has more so the boxset is 4 or 5 disks ? There is also a Prisoners companion disk due out in the UK end of Sept with more extras so I think taking it up to the level of the R1 release.

Picture wise R2 looks okay on a 32" w/s given age did not expect anything special. However others have complained about R2 & R4 picture quality. However would not expect this to ever get a super duper remaster especially as Carlton own the rights. I thought Thunderbirds was only remastered with BBC money as they wanted to rescreen on TV a few years ago.


I got the series minus the box on reg2 as MVC had them in a sale for £6.99 each, at £34.95 for the 5, I thought paying over £15 for a cardboard box a bit steep (albeit I would have liked it in this format).
As to your question the final disk contains the alterative Chimes of Big Ben (The Pop version) which I haven’t watch yet but I think the quality of the picture on it is poor... It also contains a US documentary.

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