The postman always rings NEVER!


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Is it just me or does anyone else experience the card through the door when the postie has not even bothered to knock or ring the door bell?

Sat on the sofa I heard the letterbox go, got up 3 mins later to see what it was and it was the card to say I can go and collect my parcel on Monday from the post office (which is 5 miles away!).

They will strike at a moments notice, but not do their job properly in the first place. It wouldn't suprise me if he had all the "missed you cards" filled out ready in the van and just dashed around posting them rather than knocking and waiting 30 seconds for people to answer to door, I bet he can do his round in half the time this way!

sorry just had to vent, it's not the first time this happened and I'm sure there are some hard working posties out there somewhere?


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My (regular) postman is great, but been having a few items come through City Link (I think?). I swear I heard a noise, dashed to look out the second floor window that looks out onto the road and see a driver walking back to his van. I shouted down to him and went and got my parcel but I am 95% sure he didn't ring the bell.


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The same thing has happend to me twice! Both on a saturday early in the morning while I was in the kitchen. I have to wait till monday to collect the things then!


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You only get the card through because the postie is to lazy to carry the item i caught my old postie out a few times doing it

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BBC News did a report on this a few days back, its quite common unfortunately as apparently royal mail don't have the time to wait for people to answer the door, bad service if you ask me.


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I guess weve been quite lucky with our postie..the bell has always been rung. Glad for that, as its an immense pain having to go to the sorting office to get it.


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Postman is fine here but post van is not good at all. Same happened to me one Saturday. Saw the note 2 mins after he left. I drove round the area to look for him, eventually found him and followed him to the sorting office. He was heading back to the SO at 8h58am. (his job was done for the day :eek:).

He gave me the parcel after arguing that I had to wait for 48hrs (written on card) before collection at the SO. I told him I was going to complain.The 48hrs wait came down to a 48 secs wait in an instant :rotfl:

I needed the item because I was away for a week, starting that very Saturday


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Is it just me or does anyone else experience the card through the door when the postie has not even bothered to knock or ring the door bell?

Yup, happens all the time! drive me nuts :mad::mad::(


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Normally our postie is quite good, always say hello and stuff when I see him. However a few months back he must have been off sick, and we had a women postie instead. Saw her knock on the door, and I shouted through the window, I'm coming down to get it (really early in the morning). She decided to leave it outside on the doorstep and drove off! Took me almost 90 secs (!!) she couldn't wait?!



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My postman is rubbish too. Doesn't usually ring/knock (doesn't bother to carry package/do his job properly), and once left a package outside in the pouring rain where anyone could take it. Which is why amazon UK are rubbish, and others are better (eg. Indigostarfish) for package sizes.
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Happens to me several times.

You need to try and catch him/her and shout 'STOP, WAIT A MINUTE MISTER POSTMAN...' ;)


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Mine rings the bell, but I don't get recorded delivery items til gone 1.30pm. It's a joke. When he does ring the bell I answer the intercom he says" IT's the POSTMAN" in a loud moody voice. SO as he leaves me waiting, I answer the door slowly :D


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This thread title sounds like something yoda would say :D

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My usual postie is great - normally knocks and says hi but when someone else is covering it's the same and a trip to the collection depot which is only open in the mornings and not at all at weekend - total pain in the arse.

A Christmas tip to our regular guy doesn't seem to hurt and worth the money.


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I get this Regular :mad:, there are 2 postman that do the rounds .. one is Great the other never Knocks:thumbsdow.. one day i will wait above the Door and when the posti does not Knock and Posts card again i will open window and Drop Water Bomb's .. then say there bad Gutters ..

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I had an expensive package left on my door step at the beginning of the week. The problem is i live in a block of flats so anyone could have picked it up.
Two days ago the postman very quietly put a card through the door saying address inaccessible. How he managed to put the card through the door if the address is inaccessible i don't know.

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