The Plot Against America (HBO) TV Show Review & Comments


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Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I love the book and this looks like an interesting adaptation. Time for another Now TV trial I think!


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Very good series.
Alternative history
Every thing is top drawer here..
Cast, acting, production and script.



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I've read some reviews of this including yours, over the last few months and been waiting for it. Not sure I want to watch it when cursed by the scourge of NowTV video and audio quality, however. Might wait till Apple will sell it to me instead. Or an appearance on blu-ray.


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Well-written and engaging review. This series (and the book) had completelely slipped under my radar. I'll take your advice and binge-watch it in spurts. Best I try to get it done before the autumn though, as when the rabble-rousing really starts up in earnest stateside I might end up being even more depressed.
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Tidy review, Tom. Tidy.
I'll give it a whirl.
Reminds me to rewatch the excellent Oliver Stone documentary series: The Untold History of the United States.


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Thanks for the Review Tom. Will have to wait until it pops up on Prime Germany to have a chance to watch it, but even then I don't know if I will want to. What is going on in the States for real right now is tough enough watching, especially as my Wife is American, and NOT happy with the Loony Tunes Leadership there, so to view this as well...?
Maybe after November. Maybe.


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Thanks for the review - nicely done. Haven;t heard of this so sounds interesting, The Ed Burns you mention is that Ed Burns, the actor (Saving Private Ryan)? Not seen him in anything for years.

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Thanks for the review - nicely done. Haven;t heard of this so sounds interesting, The Ed Burns you mention is that Ed Burns, the actor (Saving Private Ryan)? Not seen him in anything for years.
Not the actor.
David Simon's long term collaborator. They researched Homicide and The Corner together and went on to co-create The Wire.

The actor I don't think has had much of a career since SPR.

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Sounds rather like The Man in the High Castle, but less overt. I might have to give it a go, although given the psychopaths in power now in the US, UK, Brazil, India, Poland, Hungry and several others it might be rather redundant.


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Very much looking forward to this.
The Deuce was very good, and this sounds like another example of what differentiates HBO from Netflix, when it comes to ambitious scripted dramas.

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The Plot Against America is highly convincing to watch but based on what is historically known during the 'America First' period after Hitlers victory in Europe, it does have flaws, it stretches reality a bit to dismiss Roosevelt's political influence in favour of Lindbergh, Roosevelt was a consumate political strategists with some powerful lobby groups which Lindbergh didn't have, including industrialists who saw the profitability of starting up a war industry, this was a decisive factor for the final agreement with Churchill to supply the 50 obsolete destroyers which Churchill wanted, signalling America's entry into the war.
The series look at America's 1940's antisemitism and racism is also a look at the darker part of America's soul which are still lingering in some form in some U.S. states today, but overall this show is highly recommended. My rating is 8/10.


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Thoroughly enjoying this and it's well up to the usual David Simon's standards.
Production values and attention to detail are excellent.


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I watched this on HBO Now back in April. Thoroughly enjoyed it without the restrictions of NowTV Video & Audio quality.

Craig uk

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Just finished this, really enjoyed it. 8.5/10 for me.

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