The pioneer 626 or 535...old or new

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    I am in the middle of a dilemma that i think is common to people who buys Hifi.Buy a older,higher spec model or a newer lower spec model.With Hifi..newer doesn't necessarily mean better.Sometimes it's only the outside that has changed...but sometimes more has been changed.

    I have the choice between the recent 535 or the older and slightly more expensive 626.
    What i would like to know is....
    Is the only difference between the 626 or the 535 the fact that the 626 has buildin decoders(This is something i don't need).
    Or has the 626 better sound/picture/build quality than the 535.
    The 626 has had GREAT reviews(HCC,What Hifi)and tests. So if the 535 is basically the 626 ex decoder..than the choice is simple.

    I know for example that with the SONY DVP the newer range is a vast improvement(except the 7series)over their elder brethren.
    And that the only difference between the Sony 535 and the 335 is that the 535 has a build in decoder.

    This dilemma is very typical with Hifi. Esspecially with the massbrands. So i am curious how people deal with it.

    Thanks for reading and hope you help me out.

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    Hi tan1415, I can't really answer your question directly but I recently got my Pioneer 535 from Richer Sounds and enquired whether the only differenc between the 535 and 636 (the 626 replacemnt) was the lack of a decoder. The guy told me that aswell as a built in decoder, the picture and sound was also better on the 636 than on the 535. This was also the case when the 525 and 626 were reviewed a while ago.

    Before you buy however, check if the noisy door opening and operation bugs you. This was something I didn't notice until I got it home. Fortunately I can put up with it.

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