The Pie Thread


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As per title, this is all to do with pies. I unintentionally posted this in the wrong section of the forum and a mod quickly pointed me here, for which I’m eternally grateful.

So, pies - we’ve all been disappointed when buying a so-called deep-filled pie from a supermarket, only to find a thick layer of air and disappointment bubbling beneath the surface.

I thought a pie thread to share recipes and methods for really decent pies might be a good idea. Personally I tend to go for savoury pies but all pie ideas are welcome! Thanks in advance.


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Made very similar to this yesterday (no cream and proper chedder cheese), was beautiful warm with some pickled beetroot / red cabbage and tabasco - also good cold for lunch today.



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One of those area's I've always fancied having a go at but have not got around to yet.
Will be subscribing to this thread :)


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We often make our own pies but only ones with a lid. I can’t eat wheat, so they are gluten free and the pastry doesn’t cook that well so best suited to a top only pie. Mostly a nice thick gravy, chicken and veggies.
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