The Panasonic LXD60/600 Thread


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Hi ya'll

I'm a happy Sony V32 owner. But I'm in the market for another TV for the office. The Panny 500 series was probably the King of 2005. Can Panasonic repeat the performance with the 60/600 series?

If you've got one in any size please post your findings here and be sure to include if possible:

1. Results with Freeview, cable, Sky.
2. Results with DVD. Preferably via component/HDMI
3. Results with consoles. Particularly XBox 360 @ 720p



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I got one the other week, must say very impressed.

1) Sky is pretty good, I don't know what to compare it to though. I notice some pixelation on the menu when I look up close, but that's the source and not the TV. Normal channels are pretty good also, I expected worse of LCD (this is my first LCD) so I am happy.

2) DVD's look awesome. If you get really close you can see lots of noise on the screen, but agian this is probably down to the source not being up to it. Revenge of the Sith looks superb as does The Incredibles.

3) Xbox 360 is out of this world! Enough said...

One thing though, don't expect blacks to be "super black" - this set does them well, but LCDs can never be black, black.

I also noticed some backlight bleed on my set, I want to return it for another one.


I bought a TX-26LX60. Relativly happy with it, apart from the overscan from HDMI connections. Got a mac mini connected to it, which works acceptably, though the mac mini sometimes looses sync with the tv if it is put to sleep.

Does anyone know how to access the service menus on these sets, so that you can dial out the overscan, which is the biggest problem right now.

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