The Outer Limits 60s Orignal Series, Any Fans?


This is one of my top 10 tv series and funny enough too young to watch it when it was first shown on ITV that is it was shown late at night, but with a lot of pleading got to stayed up when my father was on certain shifts.
And the ones I saw blew me away just like a sci fi film condensed into 50 minutes and a lot of the time better than the crap in films.
Years later I when out and bought a Sony C7 to record them although missed the first in the jumbled up running order the BBC showed them and missed The Demon With The Glass Hand. wrote by the late great Harlon Ellison, this stared Robert Culp who stared in 3 of the stories and not a bad one amongst them the others being The Architect of Fear and Corpus Earthling.
My favorite has to be Martin Landau, The Man Who Was Never Born which also has sort of a time theme of The Demon With The Glass Hand and the film The Terminator but in this case the Terminator the good guy.
I now have both the American copies of season 1&2 double sided DVD disc and now the UK one side DVD disc of them.
I also the single CD and the triple CD of Dominic Frontiere's music for season 1 which I personally think the best music wrote for any TV series.

Anyway chatting about one of the episodes earlier today went looking for it to link for someone but found this very interesting discutions on The Architects of Fear with a whole lot of other interesting facts thrown in.


Was just talking to some friends last night about this, week we started with the 90s series, then went to 50s Twilight Zone then to this.

I have no memory at all of seeing this but did look to see how much the Blu-ray was and is a whopping £120. Think it's only been released in Australia, might watch a few episodes first and then decide.
Yes both mine on DVD and fancied even upgrading to the Blu Ray but too rich and cant understand why it so much for 2 season albeit longer ones than today and longer episodes and some extras.
The 3 Robert Culp ones were some of the best and Martin Landau's The Man Who Was Never Born is my favorite.
Not all are great even the most expansive to produce was not that good of a story but on the whole very good.


Spoilers some hints at something and number 5 gives the sort of twist away.


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