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The ones that got away: Photo comp December

Gordon @ Convergent AV

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
There is an old ruin of an Abbey about 20 minutes from me down here. I came across it while driving cross country back from a customers after dropping off a cinema screen in the summer. As soon as I saw it in the middle of this field I new I wanted to try to get a picture of it. None of these are really what I had in mind but I feel good that at least I went out and had a go.

I casually ignored the PRIVATE Property signs as advised by you guys here and by the photographer I met there a few weeks ago. He neglected to tell me to take welly boots though so I had to walk through marshy, boggy ground to get to it....my black suede trainers are now brown muddy mess. I walked all around and to and from trying to work out best "look". These are my best efforts. The Abbey has a post and barbed wire fence all around it. It's been removed in photoshop. Levels, saturation and size and sharpness all applied as all shots are RAW. These were also my first shots with the EOS5D and 24-105L lens combo.

I've also included a shot of a church at a village nearby as well that I was considering. All taken same day, last Saturday.






Well-known Member
1 & 4 for me Gordon, although they look a little soft to me, did you use a tripod for the long exposure?

Might be worth increasing sharpness when converting from RAW.

I really like the composition of the first one, I was wondering what the streaks to the right of the building were until I saw the tree in the second one!

Gordon @ Convergent AV

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
Yes they are a little soft. They were hand held and I was still learning how to get the 5D to operate....not the same as 350D. So I was having trouble working out how to change aperture and exposure.

The trees are cloned out of the first one...forgot to do the same to reflection...doh! Was just mucking about really, learning.


Distinguished Member
Like the composition of the third one Gordon and I prefer the colour version of the first.

Did you do anything to the sky on the last one? It looks a bit strange to me.

Gordon @ Convergent AV

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
I like composition of third. Slightly miffed it's so soft myself but it was due to my idiocy with the aperture of F4....and it was the first picture I took with the new camera....doh!

I think the church at Shere might have been me mucking around with HDR. Can't remember. You are right though that it does look a bit weird....



Distinguished Member
They look worringly soft to me. I'm assuming that at f4 you would be using a fairly fast shutter speed which should rule out camera shake, so it must be a focus issue. I would expect some dodgy focus on one or two, but not all of them. Have you tested the AF since? or were these Manual Focus?

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