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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 17th October 2008
The Final Conflict is a much better movie than most people are prepared to admit. Sam Neill is excellent as the adult Damien and he mixes darkness with charm, intelligence with deceitful rage and so with supreme conviction. His charisma is unparalleled and his gift to the film and to the series is that he demands, and gets, sympathy for the Devil. But the problem exists with the wimp-out lack of dramatics that the film exhibits during the final act. Just when things should really be going over the top – infanticide on a grand scale, dark disciples around the world gathering for some ungodly showdown, the ultimate confrontation between good and evil – the film becomes little more than an all-too-brief, pre-dawn domestic. Sit back and think about it and the actual theme is still very powerful, it is just that it doesn’t culminate in anything particularly exciting, leaving the series to bow-out with a climax that, visually and emotionally, doesn’t satisfy. But there is still much to enjoy with Neill’s outing as Damien.</p>
The transfer is a good one, albeit marred by some niggles, and it fits very nicely alongside its brethren to form a great upgrade from any previous versions. Baker’s commentary is slightly stilted and dry, but he does manage to provide some interesting production detail for a movie that is too-often disregarded. As a show-capper, The Final Conflict takes an interesting turn – but you can’t help but wish that it examined its theological debate with a bit more consideration and provided a deeper sense of the battle, and what is really at stake. There was definitely a greater film struggling to climb out of this one.
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