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The Olympic Torch, coming to your town soon.

Bill Hicks

So some of the route of the Olympic Torch has been revealed and it will be passing through all the countries that make up the United Kingdom including some of our coastal islands during it's 8000 mile UK trip. (bet they don't include the Isle of Sheppey in Kent! :laugh:)

BBC News - London 2012 Olympic torch relay route revealed

Not sure why they are considering taking the flame on an excursion to Dublin though? Surely these are the United Kingdom games, not southern Ireland's as well!


Prominent Member
Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are also on the list....Lets call it the British Isles tour :smashin:

4 days in Northern Ireland?! A day in Portrush? very odd....
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Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
That's nice, it's avoiding Northants completely. :(


Distinguished Member
Don't know why they are taking it to Luton...would be much better to bring it to me here in St Albans :)

Not a single Herts location on that map either. Luton's not far, but the only time I ever want to go there is to leave it immediately on a plane :)


Prominent Member
It's coming to Wandsworth! I hope they enjoy the one way system as much as everyone else in the area.


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I cannot wait to hear what celebrities will be carrying it :rolleyes:

I might have a look if Jordan gets a stint ;)


Be good for kids and community but im sure it will all be sponsored up to :censored::mad:


Senior Moderator
Was watching the local news earlier with Sir Gordon Burns. Did not recognise any of the [sporting] "heroes" shown on screen...


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This was posted up on the hull daily mail website, i agreed/liked it enough to re-post here.

Tyson said:
Forgive my negativity
Perhaps it’s to my shame
But I see little glory in
This visit from the flame.

Like a hungry peasant child
Allowed to view the feast
All ready for the revelling
Of lord and reeve and priest.

A vision flashed before them
To remind the peasants just
Of their right, allotted place
Outside there in the dust.

We weren’t thought fit, it must be said
To host a single game
Our crumb is that we may be fit
To host the passing flame.

Will this inflame the youth of Hull
With a vision that they lack,
Inspiring them to demonstrate
Their prowess on the track?

Better to invest the cost,
I really would have thought,
Providing good facilities
For local children’s sport.

A multi million pound windfall?
I doubt it very much.
And who will meet the running costs
Policing and all such?

I bet it is the folk of Hull
Who pay the money down
In order to promote the games
In a far off London town.

In history this “North East Town”
Has seen it’s share of flames.
Why should it pay to advertise
The distant LONDON games?

Make sure you get a good look if you're the ones before hull, it'll probably be the last time you see it.. :D ;)


Distinguished Member
Touchy **** :D

NooBish AbbZ 92

Distinguished Member
I cannot wait to hear what celebrities will be carrying it :rolleyes:

I might have a look if Jordan gets a stint ;)

Really...?:confused: I feel for you, mate:( But, to each his own :)

On the map I don't believe the flame isn''t going through the centre of Manchester? Odd.. I musta missed it..:confused:

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