The official process-cutting, service-stopping thread


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I've been thinking of starting this for a while - ever since I got Vista. I'm fed up with the slow speed of Vista.
This thread is for anyone to post a particular process name if they have any queries about it, and someone else can answer them. Also, this thread is just for generally posting ideas on how to speed up your computer, whether it has Vista, XP or something else. Basically, speeding up your computer by cutting unneeded stuff out.

I'll start: If you have Vista with SP1, there are about 10 services you can tell not to run. Just check out this site:
Also, if you want to find out if there are any startup processes you can tell not to run at startup, search their name on this site:

Happy tweaking, and remember to post back here to help each other out! :)


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Briefly, to make your pc go faster you can overclock it, defragment the hard drives and remove unneccessary programs. Also delete all the programs in the 'startup' folder under start, so windows doesnt load them all up when u strt ur pc :smashin:


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Don't overclock unless you know what you're doing and these days I'm pretty sure uninstalling unused programs doesn't give you any speed boost, unless your hard drive is completely full of course.

Unfortunately most of the programs that use the startup folder these days are the benign ones that you specifically asked to startup, most of the ones that don't help you put their startup entries in the registry. Either way it's best to try and disable running on startup in the options of the program before deleting anything.

Martin Chatfiel

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One way to speed up Vista is to hibernate instead of shutting down. Most of the CPU or IO-hungry services run every time you reboot.


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Don't install software that wants to start when windows starts, if you have to have the software look in the options to prevent it starting until you want it to start.
Run Msconfig and prevent programs starting @ startup (check the "hide microsoft programs" or you could end up with a dead system). Only allow programs that you truly need such as antivirus.
Don't let the taskbar hide inactive icons, then you know exactly what is running in the background.
Bring up task manager and search (using google) for every entry under the "processes" tab, to find out what it is and what it's doing.
Run disk cleanup once a week, then defrag.
I think you can setup "startup profiles", although I haven't used these, which allow you to run a cut down startup. It will give you options at boot to choose a profile. This could be good if you want a gaming profile with no background activities running.
After doing a fresh install, update all drivers, then install your main programs (such as MS Office). Once the PC is at a fully functioning stage that you are happy with, use a program such as Norton Ghost to create an image of your boot disk, then reinstate this image once a month.
Load all programs to a second disk (not the boot disk).
Move the page file to a second disk (one that isn't in constant use). Give the page file a fixed size (approx 3 times total memory size).
Drink beer, when you lose track of time you won't care how long it took to start up.

Have fun, Mick. :thumbsup:


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Also, you can schedule Vista to defrag automatically. I recommend a week because every day is too often and can shorten your hard-drive's life, but any less than a week is not enough. :)

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