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Saw The Northman on Saturday at Vue with a few friends. It's not for everyone but myself personally I would rate it a very solid 8 out of 10.

Certain scenes sticking in my mind a couple of days afterwards. Usually a sign of a good movie. I thought the film flowed well and will have good replay value when it releases on physical disc.

golden phoenix

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My short and sweet review after seeing it last night.

Magic Mushrooms
Glasgow Kiss
Dark Magic
Naked Growling
Off its tits

Makes a great change from Marvel Films, the audio and cinematography were fantastic!


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I saw it last night with eager anticipation. The first 30 minutes met all my expectations and I was looking forward to another 2 hours or so. Then it seemed to lose its way and towards the end I aching for it to end.

Notwithstanding the above, Alexander Skarsgard was very good and has anyone ever created a more menacing / brutal character. Overall, one of the better films for me so far this year. 6/10

Russ 66

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Watched this yesterday and loved it.
For me it works best when it goes full nuts with Beserkers, Shaman / witches, throat singing etc. The bits in between are a little slow especially with Skarsgard in “hunchy mode”.
Also Nicole Kidman just did not work for me, I never new they had plastic surgery back then 😂
I also loved the nod to Conan The Barbarian.
Beautifully shot, good performances (Willem Dafoe steals it for me), tons of gore, a solid 8/10.

Also I would add the soundtrack was epic, I have never had a jump scare from from someone chanting before.


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Watched this without any real knowledge of this film in general.

A spectacular miss for me, hated nearly everything about it apart from the fact I thought the last few scenes were really nicely done from a cinematography perspective. Nearly left the cinema half way through (I've never, ever been as close to doing that) and in retrospect I should have done.

Completely pointless mis-mash of excessive roaring, gratuitous violence (particularly in last 3rd) and ham-fisted imagery.

Rambo John J

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I really liked this. It was just like being at a Heilung gig.
I'm not so sure anyone's ever going to give him this much cash to make a film again, though.

Actually, if anyone liked the music in the film you should really check these guys out


Hmmm after some 20mins I was thinking "why am I watching this?!?"...
But maybe I wasn't in the right mood for it, as I enjoyed both The Witch and The Lighthouse :confused:
Shall give it another try in a few days....


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I saw this for a second time in a Dolby Cinema (Odeon West End) a few days before Doctor Strange took over and was staggered by the difference in image quality compared to lousy, murky screen I saw it in first time around.

I wasn't a huge fan of The Witch or The Lighthouse (they were just okay) but thought this was fantastic. Since it seems to be on its way out of cinemas now, I'd suggest waiting for the home release now for the viewing best experience.
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I'd give it a 6/10. Definitely a lot smaller scale than the trailer gave the impression of for me. Good fight scenes but a lot of somewhat pretentious stuff in between for me. Was surprised how reviewers claimed it was very brutal. Whilst it certainly had blood/gore I thought it was quite tame.


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Just finished it of the year for me so far.
As everything you desire in a picture..

1 not boring
2 No endless dialogue
3 endless violence
4 gory
5 lots of blood
6 strong characters
7 simple direction and sets plus visuals
8 no snail pace
9 dark and powerful
10 thought it was very Shakespearean and a touch of 300 too
11 superb casting and direction
12 I want more 😀😀

with all that the runtime of 2 hr and 16 mins seems short..



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Arguably the most overated film of the year I think.

It isn't bad but I just didn't think it was very good, was expecting great things getting a 9 but it's almost like someone filmed a play in a real world setting, Taylor Joy was good, but Nicole Kidman and Eric the Vampire weren't very good at all, which is a shame as he is great in Generation Kill and True Blood.


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It is slow, but a very special film and one anyone interested in film should watch.

Fascinating even when not much going on. The scenery deserves an Oscar on its own. If I'd not been to Iceland on a whim last year (and it was incredible) I'd be going there this year after watching this.


And the PQ on Apple TV is out of this world.

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