The Nioh Collection Review & Comments


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Thanks, reminds me I need to get Nioh 2 completed. Looking forward to restarting with some Duelsense enhancements.


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So just a quick question about the graphics modes 'standard' & 4K.

So are both consistent 60fps?

Standard mode, does it have a variable resolution meaning it'll try to hit 4K but will often drop to maybe 1080p when busy to keep 60fps but with more graphic effects?

And then is 4K mode always 4K60fps with less graphic effects (shadows for example)?

In the review you say you couldn't tell the difference between the two and so plumped with the 4K mode. So the extra graphical effects are not very noticeable then?

Thanks very much, just trying to get ready for my purchase!


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I love both these games and recently finished Nioh 2 on PC. First time I have ever heard Nioh described as 'reasonably simple'. Both games are among the most complex I have ever played and have a learning curve steeper even than most flight simulators. Just wilfully complex to the point of absurdity.

Of course, once it all starts to gel that makes them better games. I absolutely love Nioh 2 especially, and for me it's a 10/10 on its own. I wanted to set it on fire and hurl It out a window for the first 20 hours though. Lol.


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Playing the first Nioh game at the moment funnily enough, nearing the end of it now. It's very good but very tough. Difficulty wise it's probably on a par with the Souls games, maybe tougher bosses in Nioh, and it also shares many gameplay traits with From Soft's games but with faster paced combat than the Souls games. More similar to Bloodborne and Sekiro in that respect.

Unfortunately owning the PS4 version of the the first game doesn't give you a free upgrade to the PS5 version, but you can do that with the second game. So I'll probably pick up a cheap copy of Nioh 2 on PS4 at some point and then get the free upgrade to the PS5 version.


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Nioh 1 already played great at 1080p 60fps (on ps4 Pro and ps5) so the upgrade to ps5 wasn't that necessary.

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