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John Simon

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What has happened to Nimby - I miss his knowledge & insight - he put me right a few times :rolleyes:.

This forum thrives because of members like Nimby.

I miss him!


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This was not remotely how I saw my time spent here.

Thankyou for your company and good humour.

Goodbye. :)

There you go.


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Yeah, he was one of my preferred veteran members. Even when I was on the wrong end of a well-versed tongue-lashing.


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I did wonder why he had not posted on the "Best Sub moment for music thread"

IIRC he dissapeared from these very forums for a long time a couple of years ago ;)

I'm sure he'll be back (well hope so anyway)


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I thought his polar bear avatar had ate him


PS sad states of affairs when people get uptight about posts on the internet!

Ian J

It's rather sad that one of the most helpful people around was on the receiving end of the General Chat clique


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It's rather sad that one of the most helpful people around was on the receiving end of the General Chat clique
I think tbh, his comments in that thread, as they often are, were correct. People like to criticize others, but when someone points out the problems of their vices, they aren't willing to listen.

He was also right in that all too often anyone who tries to raise the tone above 'druggies and gypos should be shot' are sneered at as 'word merchants', 'condescending' or worse, as he said, that trying to be literate and encouraging others to look deeper is derided as 'offensive'.

Some of the comments made to him were out of order.


mod comment -

i've closed this thread as i don't think it's appropriate to discuss members who no longer participate in the forums, as they can't (or perhaps don't want to) reply back, even if the comments are nice

likewise a individuals reasons for doing so should remain private if they don't wish to make them public

if you want to contact someone to ask them, you can always send a PM (if the account is still active) and they can reply if they wish, as they may get an email if they have that option activated on their account
Not open for further replies.

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