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The nightmare of buying a plasma

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Bleach, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. Bleach


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    Hi Guys, thanks to the people below for sharing your reviews of the Pioneer, Pannsonic and Hitatchi with us, they make interesting reading and I'm sure will help alot of people out in making their decisions.
    I think the thing which comes out of it (or rather what confirms what I/we've all know along) is that there is no perfect plasma. There's always pros and cons for each model which makes chosing one a complete and utter nightmare. You're spending a lot of money and you basically want the perfect item.
    "This One's better on DVD than Sky, but doesnt have this board or that board, however this ones better on Sky but you cant use this on it but it does have progressive snan...etc etc etc."
    I personally chose the Panny after seeing all the others and to be completley and utterly honnest with you, you'd need a microscope, 20 degree room temperature, 4 hours to study each pixel and no dogs or fish in the room to tell the difference between some of the top (well known on this forum) models. I'm 99% sure that if you have a Panny/Hitachi/Fujitsu/Pioneer etc (I'm not talking about some cheaper panels here) watching a decent quality DVD on a decent quality player in a 'normal everyday' sat on your arse environment (ie. 10 foot from the screen) you'd be hard pushed to see any difference.
    Luckilly for me I've been through the rigger of having to chose my set and I dont envy anyone who now has to do it, good luck!
  2. swarrans

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    Dec 21, 2001
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    Kent, UK
    I understand your sentiments and (kinda) agree with them, but having actually seen the 3 top screens side by side playing the same material I can say that for me there are real and noticeable differences between them, that would be obvious even in a "real world" setting.
    Having said that, as you WON'T have all 3 side by side in your living room (unless you really have problems making decisions!) I tend to agree that you will probably be happy with any of the "Top 3/4"
    I personally think the differences are bigger between them playing Sky material than DVD (but I'm sure many of "co-viewers" may disagree) - they were all so good playing DVDs that it wouldn't be so important for me.


    P.S. Still haven't made a decision! Waiting to go back to Nexnix and see the Pioneer using component and a JS RGB to VGA box.

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