The next development in Projector technology for the home user?

As far as home cinema is concerned, many things that you buy are likely to be superseded within 6-12months. Everytime a manufacturer releases a new model, it normally incorporates existing technology previously only available at a higher price point or it contains some new acronym which promises e.g. brighter colours, darker blacks, faster response time (or all three) etc.

Clearly technology doesn't stand still, but i would imagine that for many people the advances are normally fairly marginal. This evolution is unavoidable and I guess you just have to accept that you buy what you can afford, it will gradually become more out of date and then (with some restraint) you upgrade after 5 or so years. And the cycle starts again.

However, from time to time, there are some big jumps - I'm thinking of CRT to Plasma, Plasma to OLED (?) SD to HD to 4k etc. There are probably lots of better examples!

The question is therefore, are we likely to see any significant advances in technology for projectors in the next 2-3 years - I'm thinking in at the mid-higher end of the home cinema market (e.g. £10-£15k?), not the mega money projectors nor the £5k models at the cheaper end of the market.

From what I've read, 8k is pretty irrelevant at the current time due to lack of content.

What do you think?

Presumably some of this upgrade cost can be mitigated by buying certain high quality components that will remain suitable regardless of what is connected to - decent speakers, pre-amps, maybe even a processor than can benefit from future firmware updates?

I've just read a few other threads and I think the answer might be 'LASER'?
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yup laser mate.
no more bulbs
no more flicker
long lifespan

other things i look forward to are
8k eshift
hdmi 2.1

altho 8k native panel is redundant, 8k eshift really strikes my fancy.

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