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The next bond will be anounced soon!


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It's James Blond
By Nicole Lampert, Daily Mail, Showbusiness Editor
11 October 2005
He has just proved his ladykilling credentials by seducing Sienna Miller from under the nose of his friend, Jude Law.

Now Daniel Craig is about to become the biggest seducer of all - Ian Fleming's James Bond.

The actor, who found fame as Geordie in the BBC series Our Friends in the North in 1996, got the job after an 18-month mission to replace Pierce Brosnan.

Scores of others, including Law himself, Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell and Orlando Bloom, were considered but rejected.

In the end a shortlist of two emerged - Craig and newcomer Henry Cavill. The pair were auditioned again and tried on tuxedos to see how they would look in the quintessential Bond clothing.

Craig, 37, whose choice will be confirmed by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson later this week, will be the sixth Bond, but the first blond.

He will star in the 21st Bond film, based on Ian Fleming's first book Casino Royale.

Craig has said he does not like the fact that the films are more about gadgets than feelings.

He added: 'It's a big machine and it makes a lot of money - so why would you change something that makes a lot of money?'

so there you go, make of this what you will, but I sincerly doubt Brosnan will be back as bond like a lot of people had hoped.
If it is Danile Craig what do we all think he will be like as bond?


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I had to look on IMDB to see who he is :rotfl:

Pity Brosnan won't be back, if that is true.

Realy rated him as Bond, though the 4(?) Bond films he made were average to p*ss poor (except for Goldeneye :thumbsup: ) but that was hardly his fault.


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daniel craig has been confirmed as bond :mad:, just watched him being unveiled as bond on sky news :(

Steve T

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I think he'll be great. I thought he was great in Our Friends in the North, and also in Layer Cake. He's got a bit of edge to him, so I'm hoping for fewer "invisible cars" and more hands on, intelligent espionage!


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Meh..I've grown increasingly weary of Bond films these last 10 years or so. Brosnan was good however but really there needs to be a change in the films now.
I'd only watch a Bond film if it cuts out the gadgets and silly ideas and make it more contemporary. Craig strikes me as a more earthy Bond. I'm hoping for more earthy Bond movies too.


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i think he will make a good bond too,he's not a really pretty boy but he has mean looking eyes,could be a return to good bond days like dalton brought us


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I agree,still think clive owen would have been a bit more suave,but i do rate daniel graig and he does have that i could charm you or kill you look about him.
i really thought they were going to bow to the pc brigade and pick someone else,whoes name was banded about.
funnily enough i think i read somewhere that daniel graig is only the second english guy to play bond,the other being ol' roger moore.


MrFurious said:
i think he will make a good bond too,he's not a really pretty boy but he has mean looking eyes,could be a return to good bond days like dalton brought us
I agree get back to the hard edge stuff rather than the more fantasy. The best Bond fills were the 2 Dalton and then the first 3 Connery.
I hear that the story is more of his early days and without a lot of gadgets. Good. :clap:


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slackbladder said:
I'd only watch a Bond film if it cuts out the gadgets and silly ideas and make it more contemporary.

Agree 100%

Getting rid of invisible cars and dodgy CGI effects would be a good start:thumbsup:


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I understand miramax are doing a bond movie also, starring Orlando Bloom it will focus on his younger days

"Orlando Bloom is to play the new James Bond.

However, the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' heartthrob will not be replacing Pierce Brosnan as 007 - instead he will star in a movie about the suave spy' s younger days. .

A source at Hollywood studios Miramax, who are making the film, revealed: "The story that Orlando will play Bond is true but we are doing a rather novel film about the young James Bond."



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Sad to see Pierce go as I thought he deserved to end his run on a high note rather than the bit of a mess that was Die Another Day! What's even more of a shame is that he would have been reunited with his Goldeneye director - Brosnan's best Bond IMHO - and got his wish of a more realistic story & gritty approach to the character, judging by what Martin Campbell has said about the direction he wants to take with Casino Royale.

Daniel Craig is a interesting choice - even if he doesn't initially look the part - and is a decent actor. Hope it turns out to be a good film.

I seem to be in the minority when I say that I'm really glad it didn't turn out to be Clive Owen - just don't rate him very much (although I haven't seen Closer yet).

Oh, and the Orlando film...sounds :rolleyes: :eek: :suicide:


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Good to see a fellow scouser as jimmy bond :D was over our local paper the echo. good luck to him i say i think he looks the part and i liked him in layer cake
Getting rid of invisible cars and dodgy CGI effects would be a good start
not a truer word spoken im afraid, they need to go back to basics


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I think getting rid of Pierce Brosnan is a mistake I thought he was slightly better than Connery


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I never got into Connery.

I grew up with Moore.

Although he often get's slated, i loved him as Bond.

Pierce was definately 2nd though. Goldeneye was excellent and one o fmy favourite bonds. Helped by a one Ms Famke Jansen :thumbsup: , still a great debut by Brosnan though.


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So its defo Daniel Craig .... i dont really see him as a Bond myself but hey it could have been worse .................... Orlando Bloom!!!!!!!!!!

IMO they should have stuck with Pierce Brosnan, he is IMO the best Bond, but also saying that i grew up on him being bond, Mr Dalton was a little bit before my time THANK GOD


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tha-dizzle said:
Mr Dalton was a little bit before my time THANK GOD

Licensed to Kill was very good though :)


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Personaly I would have beenin the Clive Owen camp but they never asked for my vote! I've seen some of this guys work and it seems like he'll make a good job of it tho.

I looked at the link suggested by Sly and it says the next film will be Casino Royale. Does this mean a return to a bygone era or will the book be updated for the 21st century? Anyone read anything more?



I think Daniel Craig is a great choice. A bit of a hard looking f***er which is what the franchise needs. :devil:

He's got a caravan in a park in Wales next door to my mate's one. Bet that's on the market now... :)


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clive owens more wooden than Pinocchio , i am glad they picked Craig instead!

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