"The Newsroom" S1 Bluray


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Has anyone else on here got this as I'm having a couple of problems with my copy. It was brand-new and shrink-wrapped; bought from Amazon.

1. To say it's BD, the PQ looks terrible. If I didn't know better, I'd assume it was the DVD version!
2. There are supposed to be some episodes with commentaries but at least the first two (discs 1 and 3) aren't there.

Comments appreciated; thanks.

(PS. If Mods can think of a better place for this thread then please go ahead and move it! I wasn't sure where to put it!)

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Was it direct from Amazon or one of their marketplace sellers? I say that as it sound like you may have a dodgy copy. Shrink wrap means nothing, anyone can get a shinkwrap machine for not much money.


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This is what I mean about PQ.

The top shot is taken from a DVD of S7 of The West Wing.
The bottom one from this BD of The Newsroom S1


So why is the DVD better quality? Why is the BD pic so grainy! I get better HD from any HD TV channel!!

These shots were taken using Ashampoo Snap 7 from a paused playout (not full-screen of course) on Leawoo's BD player software.


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According to the commentary on Ep1, that is exactly how it is supposed to look; all grainy and not really HD at all!

And the problem with the commentary track is even weirder. The usual way of switching to the commentary track doesn't work on my Panny SC-BTT-262 and I have to go into an 'advanced options' disc menu and select the right audio track myself. Even weirder is that on my parent's SC-BTT-270 it works fine; exactly as it's supposed to.

What the heck?!!! o_O

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