The new play pit ( media room ) help will be needed!


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Hi Guys,

After a lengthy delay on the purchase of our new house we have finally been told that we will be in come mid october (maybe sooner).

I need some help though on the room. I am settled on the room layout and will scan plans for that later in the thread. The room is a very odd shape and we figured the layout can only go one way.

Now to my first question which i am sure there will be many more to come.

The plan is too wall mount the TV, which is a KDL55HX850(853), the cables will be in wall. The wall in gyprock and studded. The room is going to need a lot of work and i am asking if i should paint the wall before wall mounting or do this after?

Secondly, i have decided to use in ceiling speakers as my surround backs. Main reason for this is the couch will only work pushed back against the wall. The speakers i have chosen are Dali Phantom Kompass 6m. How far should they be (left and right) of me? My seat will be perfectly in the centre of the room and will be lined up with the centre of the TV.

I will be updating this thread more as time goes on and will need to scan the room layout ideas so you all can see. For now though i will attach a photo of the room from the real estate agents website as it is currently been used.

We plan to put the TV on the wall that the three seater is attached too which is the wall that backs onto the garage, see floor plan.

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Here is our plan for the room (its to scale ). As you can see i am penciled in some possible location for the rear speakers, as i still have bookshelf speakers i plan on using those for side surround duties.

Let me know your thought on the in ceiling speaker placement and any other suggestions you may have.
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whilst a sensinle layout for speakers in amd of themselves, that layout will only work for the end seat on the sofa.

I'd consider putting the tv on the short wall. three seater where the 2 seater is shown and 2 seater where your cabinet is shown. that way you can get a layout that will work more people!

only other suggestion would be to use 5.1 and put the speakers in the corners.

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Hi thanks for your reply, unfortunately swmbo has said this is the only way the room will work, and I have to agree with her. What I was possibly thinking was wall mounting my bookshelf speakers where I have drawn the outmost circles.

Do you think this would work better? I am really the only one that will be enjoying movies in this room in surround, the wife does not care so much for sound as long as she can here it clearly.

Thanks for your input Chris, where you suggested going 5.1 where you suggesting the speakers as far out as possible and as far back as possible?


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Well work has begun on the lounge/theatre room. There where holes where the previous owner had hung photos on the wall that needed patching. We are now painting, well when I say we I mean the wife, my job has been the patching.

Also got a rocking temp setup. Digital reception is **** in this place so will get advice on that. All up happy and loving the color.

The wife doing her thing.

Temp setup

The old and the new.

iPhone quality photos so please excuse.
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