Question The new Mario Party Top 100 game

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What do you think about this game released tomorrow, and the "top 100 bit" ?

I will start by saying I love the MP games, and there has not been a bad MP game on a DS/3DS system. The last 3 have been superb and I think this new game will be very good also.

However what I don't like is having seen a video of the game... "the top 100" bit. Some of the mini games are certainly not even in the top 500! Missed opportunity, this would have been a great opportunity for Nintendo to engage with their gamers and fans with a mass survey or poll.

100 games also seems a bit low. 500 would have been nice, but somewhere inbetween even, 200-250. Players should be able to rate the mini games also. They moved the series on nicely with new features in the last game MP Star Rush. Looks like this one may have stalled though?



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Probably just developed/released as a stop gap until the inevitable Switch version is finished.

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