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The new Infocus 5700 (Matterhorn panel) - pics and specs

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Dimitris, May 30, 2003.

  1. Dimitris


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    Hello everyone. As a moderator of the projectors section of the greek audio-visual forum avforum.gr, I was fortunate enough to participate in a presentation of the new Infocus Screenplay 5700. Let's start with some specs first:

    • Type: single chip DLP (Matterhorn panel)
    • Resolution: 1024X576
    • Contrast ratio: 1400:1
    • Brightness: 1000 Lumens
    • Lens: Carl Zeiss
    • Zoom: 1.4X
    • Image Processor: DCDi by Faroudja
    • Color wheel: Six segment, 5X speed ((250Ηz PAL, 300Hz NTSC)
    • Lamp: 2000W UHP
    • Noise: 35dB
    • Weight: 4.3kg

    These specs come from an official Infocus pdf, however since the projector has not yet been announced they might change.

    Before going further check out some pics of the projector and some screenshots . If the comments look like greek to you that's probably because that's what it is :D

    As you can see from the photos the only thing different between this projector and the 7200 is the model number on top. The lens, the top control panel and the rear connection panel are identical.

    Now let's move on to the actual viewing experience. The 5700 was setup in a totally light controlled room with dark blue walls and it was projecting on a 92" diag. 16:9 Stewart Firehawk. It was fed 576i from a Toshiba 9500 via component connections. The test dvds were Vertical Limit (non-Superbit) and Star Wars II Attack of the Clones, both R2 (PAL) versions. We didn't perform any calibration (all color settings were left at the middle position) as there wasn't enough time for proper calibration, plus we wanted to see how it would perform right out of the box. It'd be useful to add that although it was an early production unit (S/N 0009, you can see it in one of the photos) we didn't detect any bugs, which was definitely not the case with the 7200...

    Just to give you a measure of reference, I have seen the 7200 under the same conditions and I have also seen the Marantz 12S2, Nec HT1000, Infocus LS110, Sharp XV-Z90, Plus Piano Avanti. So I have a pretty good idea how the best of the competition looks above and below the 5700's price point and specs. In general the 5700 reminded me a lot of the 7200. Very bright, even in eco mode well lit scenes were a feast for the eyes. Even when we tried a little ambient light the picture was pretty watchable and quite acceptable for non-critical viewing. Shadow detail was excellent, but absolute black level left something to be desired (for example the HT1000 fares definitely better in this regard).

    Scaling and deinterlacing was top notch, and some of those present claimed better performance than the 7200 in this area. Very possible that the native resolution of the panel which logically demands no or at least easy scaling for PAL sources was a factor here.

    Color accuracy was pretty good and colors were vivid and more or less properly saturated, however I felt there was room for improvement, which is not strange given the lack of calibration. Nevertheless the image was pretty impressive for a just-out-of-the-box pj.

    Screendoor was virtually nonexistent with only a hint of it in bright scenes, like the many mountain scenes in Vertical Limit (only if one was looking for it though). Naturally there was a slight lack of definition compared to the 7200, but as an XGA machine the 5700 stood its ground successfully.

    What about rainbows? Unfortunately I'm over-sensitive to this effect and I saw them on the 5700 as well, especially when we turned on the subtitle track (which is the norm for greek audiences as we don't watch dubbed movies). However since I have managed to see rainbows even on a Barco 7 CRT pj I wouldn't call myself a typical sample. Of the 10-15 people who saw the projector only 2-3 (myself included) complained of rainbows, and more than half failed to see them completely, so I would say that this pj is more or less a typical sample of a 5X color wheel DLP.

    As for the price and release date there is still nothing but speculation, however I'm optimistic that since the Toshiba MT500 has been announced at an MSRP of $4000, the 5700 won't be over $5000. If indeed it is priced below $5000 then I think that Infocus will hit the jackpot once again. If it is priced, as some suggested, over $5000 then I think that the Nec HT1000 is a better choice.
  2. General Skanky

    General Skanky
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    Jul 28, 2000
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    Interesting review.

    I see rainbow too, but will still check it out when my dealer gets one on display.
  3. Paul D

    Paul D
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    Dec 27, 2000
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    Hi Dimitris

    Good review!

    It's been a while since i last visted your forum. The last 12 months have been mayhem!

    I will make the effort to pop over this week :smashin:

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