The new Dr Who series will officially star...


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Christopher Eccleston

This from the BBC website...

"Shallow Grave actor Christopher Eccleston has been named as the new Doctor Who to front the cult BBC sci-fi show when it returns next year.

Eccleston, who starred alongside Nicole Kidman in the horror movie The Others, will be the ninth TV Time Lord to control the Tardis in a 13-part series.

The 40-year-old has starred in Flesh and Blood, The Second Coming, and TV series Our Friends in the North.

The BBC said the Salford-born actor would take "a fresh, modern approach".

Jane Tranter, BBC Controller of Drama Commissioning, said: "We are delighted to have cast an actor of such calibre in one of British television's most iconic roles.

"It signals our intention to take Doctor Who into the 21st century, as well as retaining its core traditional values - to be surprising, edgy and eccentric."

Executive producer and writer Russell T Davies said: "Christopher was our first choice.

"His casting raises the bar for all of us. It's going to be a magnificent, epic, entertaining journey, and I can't wait to start."

Hmmm, didn't see that one coming. Good actor though.


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Yep, certainly an interesting choice! If he's even half-as-good as some of his cinematic work, then he should be fantastic! Now, I wonder who's going to be his assistant(s)?!



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Come on guys, Kelly Brook? You're not serious are you?

If they've just signed up a really good actor to play the Doctor, surely they need someone to match his acting abilities.

Brook looked good in Smallville, but she's not a great actress.

I think Emilia Fox would be a good choice - very pretty, talented actress and would play the assistant intelligently.


Brook has got some rave reviews for her acting in America, trust me she would be good.


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This is the latest from the Beeb web site...

' "Ex-pop star Billie Piper is in line to play Doctor Who's female companion in the revival of the sci-fi show.

The 21-year-old, who is married to Chris Evans, is said to be favoured by the new series' executive producer Russell T Davies.

A BBC spokesman said the role will not be finally decided for another eight weeks, but Piper is in the running.

The Doctor's new sidekick will be called Rose Taylor, and is described as "feisty".

Davies, well-known for writing Queer As Folk, said that he wanted Doctor Who's latest incarnation to have a Buffy The Vampire Slayer-style right-hand woman.

"A screaming girly-style companion is unacceptable nowadays," he commented.

It is also speculated that there will be quite a sexual chemistry between Taylor and the Doctor, while she will possess psychic powers.

Piper, 21, first came to prominence as a pop star, scoring a debut chart topper with Because We Want To in 1998.

But she has shunned the music world in favour of acting, and was praised for her performance in The Canterbury Tales on BBC One last year and the drama Bella And The Boys.

She is set to make her film debut alongside Orlando Bloom in comedy The Calcium Kid.

Doctor Who has traditionally had a female companion on his sci-fi adventures, including Mel Bush (played by Bonnie Langford) and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen)." '


Kazuya Mishima

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Well done Christopher Eccleston - him playing the Doc will actually make me "tune in" and watch. He is one of my fave actors.


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Read a footnote today in one of the tabloids that the BBC has just payed a packet to be allowed to use the darleks again, only this time with all new darleks.

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Can they go upstairs, thus putting an end once and for all to observational comedy gags about daleks not being able to chase you up stairs? :D


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Old darleks can already go upstairs using a levitating force field as seen in 'Remembrance of the Darleks' and also used by Davros himself previously in 'Revelation of the Darleks' so I would expect them to be now capable of much more. An expansion on the 'special weapons darlek' as seen in Remembrance would be nice.


Blow the Dalek’s what about the Cybermen. I always though they where more frightening as they can go anywhere the humans can apart from gold mines.;)


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I just hope they manage a decent budget for it. Today's youger audience just won't watch it if the special effects can't cut it. It's gonna have to compete with the likes of Star Trek Enterprise, Buffy, Angel etc. for kids attention. Although, hopefully, the writing should be cracking.

But it would be fantastic to see some updates on some old favourites...

The Cybermen, definitely
The Sea Devils would be good as well
And the shop dummies with guns in their fingers... name is on the tip of my tongue. They were bloody scary. Couldn't walk past Burtons (alone) for weeks after that.
Those nutters with the 0mmm, 0mmmmm (seem to remember a giant spider in it somewhere) Really feckin scary.
The giant maggots
The Master...

Aaaahhh Happy days

Any more...?



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The writers will have to go some way to top with the Cybermen what we have now seen from the Borg in the Star Trek series, but hey since the Cybermen where the original plain English cybernetic lifeform then who knows. Who needs 'You Will Be Assimilated' when you can have 'You Will Be Like Us'!:p

The shop dummies were called Autons I think and were controlled by the Nestene Consiousness, another concept used for the Borg.:rolleyes:


Have you heard they are bringing back the only villain to beat the Doctor, yes Michael Grade, AAAaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..


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I reckon Stephen Hawking would make a great Davros
Sorry couldn't resist that :suicide:

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