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Dec 21, 2000
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Downloaded the new cineplayer 1.5 yesterday. This is the first upgrade since sonic absorbed ravisent.

I previously had the XP pack, but the new version of that hasn't been released yet (sometime next week is suggested).

Couldn't really wait for that though so I got the fully player which is available at $39.95 if you follow the discount links which are embedded with some other rubbish. I paid the original $49.95 and then found a $39.95 link so I am asking for a refund.

Well I only really bought it for the picture quality as I will drive it through zoom player - however there is no custom graph available yet so I tried to make my own but only had limited success so I used the main player to view the dvd's.

Well its hard to believe but picture quality has definately improved the picture is quite a leap smoother with less artificating -its hard to describe but its more film like than the already superb cine 4 filter. (note this is called 1.5 now sonic have it.)

I had no problems with SP-DIF pass through with DD and DTS, sound still dropout on pauses sometime though.

It now fully supports VMR overlay, which allows differing transparancies - and the picture is somewhat muted in this mode looking over soft.

It also has a new picture settings menu with gamma, sat, contrast, brightness etc which link the video card and didn't fight with the settings on my card and they stuck.

The player is quite nice and streamlined and even though it has limited options compared to zoom, you can for instance set the overlay position and aspect and it will store it for future disks.

The chapter manoeuvring is a poor though with two sub menus to go through from the main player to get to chapter numbers. You can define your mouse wheel to go up and down the chapters though so this is a nice touch.

All in all, worth it for the picture quality which I'd like to hear other comments on.

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