the neverending quest fot the best dvd player!please help!


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After 3 good years of solid dvd fun, I've decided it is now time to finally buy a new dvd player. The fact is that I have the old Panasonic a360 and it only plays region 2 dvd's, video and audio cd's... no dvd-r, dvd+r, nothing...

Since I've recently bought a digital video camera, I've been thinking of making some nice home movies and storing in digital format. Therefore, a dvd-/+r compatible player would be necessary. Not only that, but I also have a lot of R1 dvd's which I've so far watched on my pc (thus losing a lot of quality and not taking advantage of m home theatre setup).

anyway, my question is essentially which dvd player I should buy. And I'm completely at loss in this matter. I've searched and searched and have not found a definite answer.

In any case the basic requirements are:
- Compatibility with most (all) of the formats out there: dvd-r, dvd-ram, dvd+r, dvd+rw, etc (mp3, jpeg, sacd and dvd-a compatibility would be nice, but not essential)
- multiregion enabled (either from the factory or through some kind of chips/modding, please!)
- progressive scan (since I'm a newbie I'm not really sure of how "essential" this is... I have a widescreen tv set [sony kv-28fq75] but I'm considering upgrading to plasma within 1- 1 1/2 years. Since there are news of upcoming hd-dvd players in the near future, should I just buy a non-progressive player (cheaper than progressive) now and wait for the next-generation players?)
- video: SCART output
- audio: optic output
- great picture qualiy! :p

Can anyone give me an advice concerning this? I know that denon, pioneer and sony score very high among AVphiles...

Oh, btw, money is not an issue... but, the cheaper the better!;)



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I've just had to replace my A360 after the PSU packed up. I've replaced it with the CA DVD89 (multiregion from Richer Sounds). It does everything on your list, although getting it to play MP3s and VCDs is a case of entering a code using the handset. It's struggled with one or two MP4 and DivX files, but quite happily spits out older AVIs, MPGs and the like.

Build and picture quality aren't quite as good as the panny, and the Scart pin 8 doesn't automatically switch to widescreen on anamorphic discs, but CD audio and DVD-A playback are noticeably better (as far as my ears are concerned, at least) so it'll do for me until the ultimate player comes along.

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