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The mystery of the discontinued Panasonic DMREH60


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I am hoping that somebody that knows how Panasonic work may read this and help? Employees, dealers, experienced users or owners ???

I have paid for but yet to collect a Panasonic DMREH60 DVD recorder with Freeview. It had good reviews last summer and started selling well but then there was a shortage and it all but disappeared. It is now listed as 'discontinued' and does not feature in searches on the Panasonic site at all, bar for a couple of setup manuals.

A local (and very small) independant dealer had one and offered it for £499, including personal delivery and setting-up.

There does seem to be a few on offer for less than that but most links lead to an 'unavailable' notice.

So, it's either a good machine which had a limited production run or there was an inherent problem that caused Panasonic to stop making it.

Can anybody at all shed any light on the mystery? I like the look and sound of the machine but don't want to end up with an unknown, unsupported £500 pup!

If it IS a problem waiting to bite my arse, would anyone care to suggest a Panasonic alternative?

Many thanks :confused:


I bought mine a couple of months ago and have had no regrets. It's a bit slow to respond to the remote and some of it's features are quite different from my Sony, but, apart from lack of HDMI connection, I have no criticisms.

I paid £420 from Superfi, but I think it's no longer listed with them.

If new models are being introduced and you can find an EH60, you ought to be in line for a bargain - if the HDMI is not a requirement.


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I have just been advised by Richer SOunds that a machine like the EH60 (as good as it is (was)) is sometimes made redundant by the arrival od another machine that has the same, similar or better specs but at a lower price.

The EH60 still sounds a good buy but at £500 I may just be helping the retailer offset losses on his remaining machine so maybe I will give it a miss.


Panasonic do not sit and make these things all the time.
They make production runs to fixed numbers according to anticipated demand and marketing intention in any one given territory. This isnt peculiar to Panasonic, it is the way that all Brown Goods are produced these days.

Stocks ran out early because it was a unique product [at the time] and is a very good machine so it sold well.

Prices on the remaining machines will not fall because demand outstrips supply.

If you can get one - Do... without hesitation. You certainly will not have a pup ... but a much covetted device.
Ah - Re-reading your posting I see that you have one yet to collect.
You're lucky. - Enjoy.


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They make production runs to fixed numbers according to anticipated demand and marketing intention in any one given territory.
What sort of business can't adapt to more than expected supply? I can't beleive it's as simple as 'they've run out'... People do seem to have brand loyalty in this market and when someone goes out to buy a Freeview DVD/HDD Recorder and they can only see a Sony 710, chances are next time they'll get a Sony too.. If it's as simple as they've tun out and can't make anymore, that's a poor show..
Great machine though.


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Thanks for all that: I will snap up the EH60 like a hungry croc and pay the apparently high price as the nice man is going to deliver and setup.

I feel happier about it now and will await it's arrival on Wednesday. I'll pop my impressions on here just in case anyone else spots one and wonders about it, as I did.

Ta everyone.


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a few years back,my nieghbour who works in sony,bought a new tv direct from the factory. they were never sold in the shops,widescreen had just taken off and to market it then would have been a disaster. they just speeded up the launch of their own widescreen model in order to compete. that is the speed of model development and technology.

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