The Movie Room 2.0

Les E

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Hi Guys,

Almost seven years ago I was lucky enough to have a spare room in the house extension we built. This became the Movie Room and has been mainly for the purpose of watching movies with a little PS3 and Sky HD thrown in for good measure.

The details of the build and the development of the dedicated home cinema is chronicled below in the signature.

Now it's re-fit time and although a few elements will stay the same the look and the feel of the room is about to change with a whole new colour scheme.

Hopefully I get some new pictures over here as I go along...

Les E

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Been working, so lack of updates for a while. However a few photos to add...


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Les E

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Filling all the nicks and holes for a complete colour change. My original set-up can be found on the signature below...more photos shortly.

Les E

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Updated photos of the revamped movie room. Major colour change (green and charcoal grey - inc. ceiling), Chairs are pushed further back to the wall (makes a major difference on viewing), new av cabinet, new Optoma HD-33 projector (the infocus died at Christmas...nice timing!) and new M&K surrounds (which needed a bit of diy-ing due to the previous Paradigm speakers being a larger footprint), and new Benno DVD cabinets from IKEA (four more are on the way) Overall, I am really pleased with the new look, and hopefully will last me a few years until needing a new coat paint (although, I have a rampant 2-year old!!)


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