The move from Spotify to Apple Music, summary: "meh"


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Good morning fellow forumers (should there be a double m in that?!), I'm hoping that someone out there has experienced a similar problem to me and can offer their sage advice. Please read on...

With the 'Apple One' subscription being better value, and being an Apple-equipped house anyway, I took the brave step of moving from Spotify, which I have used for years, to Apple Music. I found the 'SongShift' app on the App Store and that did a great job of moving my (personal) playlists over. What I haven't been able to find are equally good (in my view!! 🎶) curated playlists on Apple.

To give you an example, I loved the 'Operator' playlist, but I just haven't found any equivalents over on Apple Music that float my boat (to coin northern phrase).

Who do you use for music recommendations? Do I just need to be a bit more patient with the Apple Music platform?

Any recommendations would be very much appreciated.

Have a great weekend everybody,



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Following this as I’m looking to do the same for an extra £3 on top I can have the Apple TV plus overv Spotify


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I'm someone who did the reverse for the exact reasons you’re struggling with.

I had the full Apple One sub (full Apple based house as well) but found the playlists lacking so cancelled.

Not only are the Spotify curated playlists second to none and far superior to those of Apple’s, you get better artist based playlists as well.

The value of the Apple One sub is only good if you actually use all the services. We never used Arcade or News and Fitness was used during lockdown but we’re back at the gym now. So when i weighed it up as a pure AM vs. Spotify decision (even with the slight price difference), Spotify won out and can’t see ourselves moving back anytime soon.

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