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The Mission: Selecting the rear speakers.

Mark Franklin

Standard Member
I have a Yamaha RX-V1700 and choice of three speakers for the rear sound stage:

Mission 772e
Mission 771e
Mission 77DS

The conundrum: Which pair should go on the back wall (SBL / SBR) and which on the side wall (SL / SR) and more importantly why?

Any advice gratefully accepted.

Many Thanks


Distinguished Member
There is only one real point; use the 77ds for the sides only, as they are dipolar surrounds. Whether you'll like dipolar sides will depend very much on your room geometry and speaker placement.

771e is a bookshelf speaker, the 772e is a foorstander (with more bass). You need to choose whichever fits your room (and budget). They can be used for the rears, or for both the rears and sides.

Mark Franklin

Standard Member

Thanks for the feedback.

I already have all three pairs of speakers (collected over the years) and I am looking for guidance before I start drilling the walls for either speaker wall mounts (B-Tech Ultragrip Side Clamping Speaker Mount) or just screws to hang the 77DS on.

Based on your comments I will place speaker wall mounts on the rear wall but it could prove difficult to test the speakers on the side walls using temporary supports (the 772 and 771 are both shelf mount models).

I guess hanging the 77DS on the side walls is the least destructive (only two holes) and maybe I will find a way of, temporarily, supporting the 771 / 772 whilst I test them.

Just for completeness my front sound stage consists of 773e ‘through line wired' to a 7AS2 sub with a 77C (centre) and a REL Q200E performing 0.1 duties.

Thanks again for your input.



Distinguished Member
That should work well. Some good help on speaker positioning can be found at http://www.thx.com/home/setup/index.html.

Once you've sorted out the placement, you may wish to get an electrician in for in-wall wiring.

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