The Minimalism thread


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Inspired by some of the wonderful minimalist images we seen on the thread - you know who you are ;) I thought i'd have a bash myself. So to kick this thread off, here are mine from a walk along Aber's south beach.





Larger versionon flickr

Still can't find a field of rapeseed though :(

Come on, get you're minimals out for the lads :thumbsup:


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:laugh: Brilliant!!

The disease is obviously spreading!!

Last 3 for me, the seagull one is great, nice angles.

Great placement of the rowers in the second and the people in the third.

Great stuff :smashin:

I'd have concentrated on the sign and the door to the right on the first one though ;)


Graet shots mate ....

The seagull on the roof is the one that stands out for me...:thumbsup:


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Good idea for a thread Liquid. I like your gull shot, here's another minimalist gull, taken at Aldeburgh:

and a very minimalist shot taken earlier the same day:


Gizmo 76

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I'll have to try out some of this 'Minimalism' (you didn't spell that drunk ;) ) stuff...


I'm really liking this shot, surely the Horizon is edited to please Steve though??


Also really like your latest not so minimal one steve, the combination of texture and colour makes a really interesting shot.

I'll be back with some later....


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Maybe this isn't strictly minimal, but hey...
This was the first night I got my Cokin polarizer which for some reason on this shot has made the bulding site muck in the background into a pleasingly complimentary blue!


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Ooh - this looks like fun. I'll have to see what I can find for this thread. Cracking idea and some lovely pics so far. Less is more.


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Couple more from me



This one is a snowy version of stevegreens wonderful 'alone' shot. This one is less lonely though ;)


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