The Mimo is Mine


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As you can tell from the subject I will be splashing on a Loewe Mimo 32".

Thanks to this forum and my lurking skills :) . I have sitting on my desk right now a letter from John Lewis (Glasgow) for a Mimo at £1130.00 priced matched against TV and Video Direct. :smashin:

Thanks All for you help and advice.


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This TV is so gorgeous I'd kill for one :rolleyes:.

Great choice, hope you enjoy it :smashin:


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Will do Dimmy.

Had a play with it in JL last week, compared it against tosh and my 2nd place choice Pana PD30.

Menus are so easy, the aspect switching is so smooth. Would have liked it in the black but for £250 cheaper i'm not gonna complain to much.

Plus it looks good, i'm not taking the official stand as it just can't cope with the rest of my kit.

Might even post a pic once it's setup then you can point and laugh at my cheap DVD player :)


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Hadn't thought of this till now, but can someone suggest what the best cable i can get upto MAX £100, to conect the component output on my Denon 2800 MkII to the shared SCART/Component on the Mimo?


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Hi all. :)

sleepyone, I do not know if it aplies to all Loewe TVs, but I've been told the Aventos RGB is better than its component input.
You might want to check (by borrowing a cable) before you spend your cash. ;)


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:( :( :( :( :( :(

No Mimo for me.

Was gonna be purchasing this TV with my Bonus.

Not anymore. Not only did they come to us yesterday afternoon and tell us there will be no bonus this year, they are making people redundent. :eek:

Suffice to say, i'm not splashing any cash at all now.

Thanks all for the advice, will keep it mind for future reference, hopefully....


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Bit confused emotions at present

:clap: Its not me

:mad: Couple of good mates are being got rid of though

Still gonna hold onto cash though, who knows what will happen in the next 6 months. They haven't ruled out the possibility off making more people redundent. :nono:

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