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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 15th March 2009
A terrific and bravura experience that combines gruelling violence, ominous tension and suspense, Scooby-Doo-style clue-unravelling and a distinct Anime sensibility, The Midnight Meat Train is really just an excuse for glorious mayhem and ground-breaking gore-gags. The story doesn't hold up well when scrutinised and, arguably, it doesn't need to. What we have is a blistering set-up, plentiful shocks and a superficially satisfying nightmare conclusion that actually worked much better in the short story. But to pick it apart is neither here nor there, for the film works supremely well on a primal level of visual and emotional impact. The performances – especially from Bibb and, surprisingly enough, our Vinnie – are strong and the whole thing rattles along like one of those midnight trains.

The AV quality is very good indeed, once we get past that fluctuating grain-field and if we ignore the edge enhancement. But the audio side of things is amply rewarding and certainly delivers plenty of solid bass, wild steerage and delicious detail. The extras are good, too. The commentary is excellent and very candid, the featurettes are a mixed-bag of EPK fun and bizarre Barker insight but, overall, the package is a strong one that I can recommend to fans of the genre, wholeheartedly.

All aboard The Midnight Meat Train! Leaving platform 666 … and it's a helluva ride!

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Novice Member
That picture of Vinnie with the hammer is gonna' be an iconic pose.:D

Another for the buy list i think.

Good review Chris.:thumbsup:


Distinguished Member
I enjoyed it, but I thought the CGI gore ruined it a bit. It's painfully obvious in places, not helped by the HD in this case.

Those bits needed Tom Savini and not Pixar Studios :smashin:
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