The Messenger: The Story Of Joan Of Arc Blu-ray Review

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      Reviewed by Imran Butt, 13th February 2009
      The story of Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans certainly has enough importance about it to be worthy of a place in known history. Astonishingly she achieved so much, especially considering all of this happened in the 15th century but she remained a short lived character. She never outgrew her teens and was burnt at the stake labelled a heretic at the age of 19.

      Luc Besson has tried to make an epic that was worthy of this French heroine’s feats. In short, I personally think he failed in the attempt. The movie is not a definitive version by a long stretch and it begs for a far more intelligent modern day remake. Given that she was canonised by the Catholic Church some 500 years later and given that there was a clear acknowledgement of her religious importance this really has to be counted as a missed opportunity for Besson.

      It’s not all bad though and the film does have its moments that will keep you entertained enough in parts. Much of it is let down by some very mediocre performances by actors who should have known far better of their trade. If there was a particular finger of blame though it would have to point at Luc Besson for casting Milla Jovovich in the lead role. She may have been his wife at the time but it’s sometimes far better to keep your domestic and business lives well apart.

      The blu-ray comes with an excellent soundtrack, a questionable video performance and a distinct lack of extras. Given the story you may want to give it a watch but you would be hard pressed to want to make this a permanent feature in your home.

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