The Merry Christmas Thread


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Merry Christmas to everyone that's played on BF3 with me, thanks for not laughing at my lack of skill... :D

I Spiritus I

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Cheers mate.

Merry Christmas to everyone too and all the best for the new year.

My new year resolution: Do not loose my tags.


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Yeah merry Xmas, and here's to many more beer fuelled nights, trying to avoid losing my tags and rag in the game :)
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merry xmas to all avf,s.have a good one.


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merry Christmas all, hopefully some festive games ahead. Thanks to those who accepted my FR or added me when we played. I don't get on as much as I would like so do appreciate being able to go for quality games when I am on.

wonder if there is any xmas easter eggs in there, hobo when taking tags or something, would be quite amusing.


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Bah humbug!

ggs all


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Merry Christmas!! I'm getting BF3 tomorrow ! Feel free to add me to your friends lists! I need some comrades in arms! :)


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All the very best from ozzzy189 and MiniOz.


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Merry Christmas!!!!!


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