The Matrix Revolutions (2 Disc Set) - R3 £9.99 or cheaper still...!


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got mine ordered for £5 R2 :)


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Is the film any good though? I thought the first one kicked a$$ but the second seemed a bit confused (or was that just me?) and I didn't bother seeing the third at the cinema. Seems a good price though.


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i'll tell more when it turns up


I quite liked Revolutions, I definitely enjoyed it a lot more than Reloaded, which I thought was awful. The good thing about Revolutions is that Reeves is off-screen for quite a bit of it, so that's a plus! ^_^

As for the DVDs, I think I'll wait until they're available in a boxset.


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Got it yesterday, from............CDWOW
Used the Link and voucher system, voucher should have been 50p
but came up 8.99 :)) same as lottery thing they did earlier, so there maybe more higher discounts available although ive only seen 50p since, so it may have been a lucky glitch. PM me if you get lucky


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Just ordered mine with the voucher - thanks for that!!

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