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Does anyone know of a way to copy the hidden audio tracks on the DVD to CD? I really enjoy the music and the only way to listen so far is to play the DVD.


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just take a 2 channel feed from the DVD to a tape loop or aux input (depending on current setup) on your amp, and use a tape deck or mini disc or CDR to record the music.....or take the 2channel out put from your DVd player, to the input of the soundcard in your PC and record it that way, and bur it to a CD.


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Or set your DVD player to output downmixed PCM on it's digital outpu and record that...

Or do a search on the web for one of the tools that will allow you to rip the track from the DVD and then strip off just the audio.... and then convert that to a WAV to burn to CD...



Thanks to the both of you. I will try both methods and see. If anyone else has ideas, or has tried this, let me know. Thanks.

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