The Matrix - Freezing disc problems



My copy of the Matrix freezes and now refuses to play it just breaks up into an unholy mess and i looked after the disc, i have over 200 DVDs and this is the only 1 which does this its unwatchable now can anyone tell me if this is a case of DVD rot my player is a Toshiba 2109 a very fine player its cleaned and looked after and multiregion and i usually only buy region 1 and my copy of the Matrix is region 1 its now 3 years old, and it looks like i'll have to buy the matrix again but im holding off until next years sequel when i'm sure theyre re-release matrix with better extras and perhaps DTS sound, anyways Disc Rot on dvd does it exist or am i unlucky ?


A lot of people have had problems with this disc in the past, especially when it was 1st released 3 years ago. I believe the problems are due to the DVD rom content in the disc & some older players couldn't read the disc properly due to this content.

Do a search on the forum & you'll probably find a fair bit on this subject.

Hope this helps.
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