The Man Who Could Cheat Death & The Skull Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 9th May 2011.
It's a vintage fright-fest from Legend Films, who have unearthed two lurid gems from yesteryear. Hammer and Amicus go rotting head to demonic skull in this double-bill that brings such genre greats as Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee back to do battle with evil, and pits Anton Diffring against the ravages of time. The luscious Hazel Court provides the eye-candy in Hammer's talky-but-fun The Man Who Could Cheat Death, amply proving why she became one of the genre's great scream-queens. And the peerless Peter Cushing goes through a haunted hell conjured up by the spirit of the Marquis de Sade in The Skull from Amicus. Both offer heaps of nostalgic chills and gothic atmosphere, but it is The Skull that contains most of that essential black magic and shock-value.

Purists can relax in the knowledge that neither film has been digitally messed around with. They may look their age, but they still pack a sumptuous punch. It is a pity that there are no extra features at all in this package, though. I'm sure that something could have been added. I'm always up for recording a commentary track, even if no-one else is!

But at least fans of these two illustrious studios can rejoice in the fact that, slowly but surely, some of those great titles that they grew up with on late-night double-bills are now clawing their way out of the cobwebbed VHS casket and dusting themselves down for reappraisal on Blu-ray. And at this low price, these two productions are well worth adding to any horror film collection.

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