The Man from Toronto (Netflix) Movie Review & Comments

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
Shame that not one Canadian told them how to pronounce Toronto.
Watched it yesterday afternoon. A good afternoon flick. Inoffensive and enjoyable enough.

Woody Harrelson is one of my favourite actors. He barely got out of first gear here (seemed like a straight to streaming B Movie pay day) but he always has good screen presence.

A few laughs along the way. Will appeal to teenagers, and everyone else looking for something that doesn't need too much thinking.

6/10 from me too. Thanks Cas
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piston broke

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Thanks Cas.
Wife and I watched it tonight and enjoyed it. A bit of Sunday night light hearted murder and mayhem:) Always happy to watch a bit of Woodrow!

Jessica Noir

Well-known Member
Thanks Cas, will give this a go. Remember when Patrick Hughes' first film, Red Hill, came out and everyone thought he was going to be the Aussie Walter Hill? I hope he rediscovers his mojo in time for The Raid remake.


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We watched this last night, a good laugh and watchable 6/10.


Active Member
Took this one in on Saturday afternoon -

As others have said , it's ok - the two leads do an acceptable job but ultimately it's a film you've seen before - 6/10 for effort .


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I watched this last night. It was really hard to sit through. I give myself a 7 for sitting through it. I give the movie a 3.

hi robb

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Watched it last night. Had a few laugh out loud moments. Agree with the 6/10



Distinguished Member
Yep, like @Clem_Dye I gave up on it some way through. When you've seen so many films you get to recognising within 30 minutes or so when there will be no surprises. Films like this one are less like a painting, more like a colouring book, staying always within pre-defined lines.

Humour of course is subjective, but I didn't find what I watched even mildly amusing. The whole 'he cocks everything up like he's never done this before' interpreted as 'wow, this guy's a real pro' has never, ever been funny. Dumb and Dumber, Beavis and Butthead Do America and hundreds more have trodden this woefully unfunny ground already, most of them having done a better job.

For me personally, the greatest crime a film can commit is not being outright bad. True badness can be amusing, or even disarming, letting you drop your guard and resign yourself to low expectations. No, the greatest crime is to be insipid. That's what this is. Insipid.

I bow to anyone with the attention span to sit through two hours of this sh*t. Hats off. Six is the right score, but in hitting that six, the insipidess bullseye, I would argue it really deserves a three.

Jimmy Grease

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woody i can watch,, but the other guy, nah


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This was a REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALY slow starter, I found it quite funny when it actually got started after about 40 minutes but good god this movie should have been 20-30 minutes shorter


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Gave up on it after about 25 minutes. Pity.
If you FF another 10-15m it starts picking up, it is painfully slow to start.


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Was ok. Maybe a tad better than most Netflix stuff but that’s hardly a glowing recommendation. 6/10 no more.

Last movie on NF for me as i’m taking a break for several months from them.

Maybe they should concentrate more on their TV stuff than their movies.


Novice Member
M.Review - So took this movie out for a spin and based on Kevin Hart's track record, I was skeptical. Good flick but not worth watching twice.

Will I Aint

Active Member
I just couldn't sit through this and bailed around 20 mins in. I think I collapsed under the weight of all the disbelief I was suspending.


Distinguished Member
The best thing about this one is the car :)


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