The Mail Icon is showing 5 unread Emails but they all have been deleted


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The Mail Icon in my 2G Iphone is showing 5 unread Emails but they all have been deleted from the inbox & also from the Trash. Is there a way to remove this incorrect notification from the Mail Icon.
I am using the Iphone on PAYG and it not broken or unlocked. I am getting my emails from an Orange POP account. I also have another account on the iphone which is set up identicaly apart from the name before the @ and that works fine. Anyone got any ideas


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You got no other folders?, I have my BT account set up and it pulls in all folders, I had a couple of unread emails in one of the other folders.


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Do you have winterboard installed,if so then you may find that your theme is causing the problem.Change the theme or switch it off and see if it persists,my 2g on 2.1 occasionally did this(chromium theme) and that solved the problem.

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