The Machine (UK Blu-ray)


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Might have a small budget and cast but I really enjoyed this. I have a bit of a penchant for cheap end of the world films so this really was my bag.


I notice it has "Downloadable extras" whatever the fudge that is. If I wanted to download stuff I'd not buy the fudgeing Blu-ray. How you're meant to download them too I have no idea -I assume just go to Google or Facetube and search :p

A really lazy release from Anchor Bay and another secret-don't-tell-anyone-distribution of a wee interesting film.



There's a US release that looks like it has extras. Althoughh, that's a secret too. Keep it hush hush.


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Its a very good film. Got to see it early last year at the Mayhem film festival in Nottingham. Meet the writers who told me some very interesting stories about speaking to government research scientists about the film subject matter.


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Thanks :)

There's a review of the US disc here has a 15min making of.

Looks like the same excellent transfer although the UK disc has some sort of extra 2 channel audio mix too.

I will just make my own extras' disc:

Trailer here

Interview (11mins) with Caradog James the director here

Raindance Festival (28mins) Q&A here

Inside The Machine here

Toby Stephens and Caradog James interview here

Tribeca here

Buzz Talks to Caradog James here

Denis Lawson here

We don't need no stinkin'' pressed disc extras :clap:

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