The Loudness of the 360


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Jun 13, 2007
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I'm trying to get 1,000/1,000 of GP on PGR4, so I'm spending quite a bit of time on it lately including a bit of night play. My parents just came into my room and told me to turn down my TV as I had it a little bit loud. I did, and now all I can hear is the 360. It's getting me down big time... and then my parents came in and said they could hear the 360! Absolute joke... They're in a different room, 2 walls to go through and a big hallway... It's so annoying! I now have Ice Age 2 on Blu-ray on the PS3 and it's silent... Why did they make it so noisy? ARGH!
Yes I know what you mean. parents have supersonic hearing when it involves stopping anything that involves your enjoyment. Not a lot to do about the 360 noise levels though.
Why did they make it so noisy? ARGH!
Im having the same problem, trying to watch films at 4am and all I can hear is the fans in the xbox spinning, might have to get myself a decent set of headphones.
Its noisy and its the only thing about my console that gets me down. I dont know how people can watch a movie on it without cranking the audio sound high.

Granted if you have a closed cupboard type thing your laughing, but im dreading having my conlsoles setup on my new glass table and the dinn from the 360 when the PS3 and Wii are so quiet.

With regards to your parents hearing it in the other room, could it be theres a slight vibration? Could the console be causing your desk to slightly vibrate off the wall or is it they just hear the Jet Engine? :(
It's 2am, go to bed you naughty boy :rotfl:
Mine is silent when on the dash or watching a film, its also not that loud when the drive is spinning, its a bit hit and miss getting a relatively quiet 360
Mine also it rather quite. Altho the added 3 cooling fans have increased the noise a bit. But once in a game i dont really notice.
Mine also it rather quite. Altho the added 3 cooling fans have increased the noise a bit. But once in a game i dont really notice.

Yours is quite what? :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
Less noisy that what some people have said. Typo moster is on the attack ha :rotfl:
Or just turn the tv volume up :rotfl:
My old premium used to be really quiet sitting on a glass shelf with some rubber feet on the bottom.

Then I moved it to a wooden cabinet and it sounded like a jumbo jet taking off. Then it died.

Got one of the Halo consoles and at first it seemed quieter but the last couple of weeks it seems to be back to the jumbo jet syndrome.

It's fine with the sound turned up and you're fully engrossed in the game (e.g. halo 3 online) but playing SP on Assassins Creed is very annoying as it's a quiet game anyway.

Makes me want to buy a PS3 for SP games and DVDs :( and I really don't want to buy one

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