The Lost Daughter (Netflix) Movie Review & Comments


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"Olivia Coleman is absolutely fantastic."

They should just put that on every single thing she's done and will do.
One of the best films of 2021.

Will hopefully start to get a bit more attention now as up until the Netflix release the buzz was slow due to only having a limited cinema release and showing at a few festivals.

Slight issue with the AVF review score of 8 though. I know it's all subjective, different reviewers, different opinions, different genres that are hard to compare blah blah blah, but finding it hard to understand how Ghostbusters Afterlife warrants a higher review score (9) than this, regardless of what gauge AVF uses.
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I think Cass’s review is a very fair assessment of the movie. It’s got a fantastic cast, and it’s well-directed (apart from maybe just overdoing the quirkiness a bit). It struck me as more in-keeping with French movies than mainstream-US, particularly in that not that much actually happens, but an awful lot is going on under the surface. It’s easy to see why some might not like it though, as you don’t so much “enjoy” it as “appreciate” it.


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I enjoyed this but found the photography baffling. Pretty much every shot is either close-up or extreme close-up. The sort of photography you would typically see in an older TV show — something designed for the small screen, basically. Other than that, excellent stuff.


Intriguing film. Coleman did give a wonderful performance. I agree with @robcat101 in that it has a very French feel about it.


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I thought it was well made, didn’t feel like a debut. Cast all on top form, Coleman is fantastic and nice shout about Tyrannosaur,
amazing performance. Jess stole the show for me though. I don’t know if it was Coleman’s character, I more than understand the challenges of raising kids but I just didn’t like her.

7/10 but disappointed
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Was cheap looking and rather boring tbh. 5/10. Agree Coleman is a great actress but she can't save this. Shame as I was looking forward to this.


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Despite the very good acting performances this had a distinct whiff of pretentiousness in it's understated script and direction to the point where me and my co-watcher were looking at each other with expressions of "what's this claptrap actually about?" It also over-used extreme close-ups and and rather nausea inducing handheld shots as mentioned above. Five out of ten for me.


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Movie was okay nothing special, kept thinking something is going to happen but it never did.
Much prefer Olivia Coleman in Peep show & Rev comedies at least can have a laugh with those

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