The longest yard


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Just watched it and they obviously bought the script to Mean Machine.

I was thinking the whole time this is almost identical and then their shirts at the end even had mean machine printed on them.

Quite entertaining though.


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Edit - After some investigation it was a remake of a 70's film that starred Burt Reynolds (who is also in this one) so it was actually Mean Machine that copied them.

Not sure if anyone else has seen it but did you think that bloke in maximum security looked real or was he CG?, surely nobody is that big.


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The original film with Burt Reynolds starring was released as 'The Longest Yard' in the States and 'Mean Machine' in the UK.

Vinnie Jones' worst movie outing should be ignored at every opportunity.

As a comedy remake the Sandler film is watchable. It's painful to see what Reynolds is doing now when you're reminded of his greatest stuff.

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