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Did anyone else watch the first episode on Virgin1? It shows on Monday night at 10pm. I thought it was very good, one of the more funnier comedy's i've seen.

Edit; (Sorry aprout is right it is Tuesday)

Everybody makes mistakes, but for Tim - a self-conscious young guy living in New York - just getting out of bed in the morning could be the worst decision he makes all day. No matter the situation, life's little challenges always manage to demand the most offensive solutions, which wouldn't be such a problem if he weren't continually caught red-handed. From the mind of Steve Dildarian - the Clio-winning ad man behind Budweiser's famous 'Lizards' campaign - 'The Life and Times of Tim' follows this everyday working guy from one scandalous crisis to the next.

YouTube - The Life and Times of Tim Tim Gets A Promotion
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I watched this, after the ads, and the fact it was an adult animation show from HBO, but was bitterly disappointed. :(

The jokes were diabolically unfunny, the storylines painfully dragged out, and the the characters were just a waste of space. The series seems to be wanting to be politically-incorrect, but hasn't a clue on what constitutes actual humour.

The opening half, with the hooker, was appallingly inept. :(

Definitely a case of must try harder, and not a patch on "Family Guy", "The Simpsons" or "South Park" by a long shot.



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Gave up after the first half. The Voicework just seemed a bit tooo laid-back & the animation was just hideous.

Maybe it was just a let down after laughing through Chuck for the previous hour.

& it's showing on Tuesdays, not Mondays. :)


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I know what you mean about the animation and voice work but i still found it funny. Chuck was very funny aswell.

Agree about it not being as funny as family guy (but what is?)


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nah tried to keep watching but found too few funny moments to endure.


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recent episodes (Season 2) have been good, 'Amy gets a gun' is a very good episode, finding likes of American Dad and Family Guy hit and miss these days so its good to have something fresh. Don't think any of season two episodes have been as good as the best ones from season one yet though


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Really like this show.. The animation style sets it apart (intentionally bad), and Tim comes out with some great lines.

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