The Learning ... Equipment thread!


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As an extension of the 'Learning To Play For Real' thread, here we can list all our guitars, amps, drums(!) etc.

Photos please where possible and any other useful info you want to share, like price, place of purchase etc. Might be useful to ourselves to remind us what we paid and how much we sold for:D

News still stays in the Learning thread, but we can update our Biog here so that others can see what we are taking about.

Christian 71

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I'll post a photo later... :D

Washburn N2......................................£180 s/h
Line 6 JTV89 Variax.............................£558 Thomann
DIY Stratocaster.................................£150 aprx (now with Fat 50 pickups..£90 s/h)
Takamine F360s Acoustic.....................£200 s/h
Yamaha GL1 Guitalele..........................£35
Greg Bennet MAV1..............................£42 s/h
Epiphone Slash Goldtop Les Paul...........£261 s/h
Marshall JTM1.....................................£420 s/h
Marshall JMD:1 50...............................£400
Marshall JCM800 4210.........................£350 s/h
Fender Mustang Mini...........................£55 s/h
Blackstar Fly 3...................................(free with £28 mag subscription)
Line 6 HD500.....................................£230 s/h
Dunlop Crybaby wah...........................£20 s/h
Joyo Vintage Overdrive........................£18
Blackstar HT-Dual...............................£96 s/h
iRig Stomp.........................................£40
Joyo US Dream...................................£25
Digitech iStomp..................................£60
Joyo 6 band EQ..................................£25
Boss BR80 recorder.............................£115 s/h
xenyx 1202 Mixer................................£45 s/h
Samson Q7 mic + stand ......................£20 s/h
Joyo Acoustic Mini Amp .......................£8

Owned and Sold
- Marlin Stratocaster, Starforce USA, PRS Santana, Fender Squire Mini, Burswood Stratocaster, Wesley Les Paul, Fender Rockband Squire
Amps - Gorilla 10w, Fender Mustang 1 (x2), Peavy Rage 128, Orange CR10, Marshall MG15, Marshall MG50, Vox AV100, Marshall Valvestate (VS65R), Laney LC30ii, Marshall DSL401
Gear - DOD American Metal pedal, Joyo Pocket Metal pedal, Joyo California Sound pedal, Korg Pandora Effects, Behringer Vamp Effects, Boss GT3 Effects, Zoom MRS4 Recorder, Line6 Backtrack, Boss Micro BR
Pickups Dimarzio Humbucker from Hell, Seymour Duncan SH1n 59, Bare Knuckle Black Dog, Tonerider Surfari set, PRS Santana Signiture set, Epiphone Hot Classic set, Fender MiM set

Lots of books and general bits and pieces I've bought but not worth mentioning.

I first tried learning guitar when I was about 18 in the late 80s and kept trying for a few years on and off, in the end I gave up as I decided I was not talented enough to learn. The yearning to play guitar never went away and with the Rockband Squire strat released around my 40th it nicely hit my mid life crisis. I've not looked back since. :thumbsup:
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1) 'Les Paul'
May 2009, £90 2nd-hand from an AVF member


1) In a small way I guess Guitar madness started in May 2009, when I took in a 'Gibson' Les Paul valued at £90 towards some TAG McLaren loudspeaker stands I sold! It was supposedly made 'out of hours' in the Epiphone factory and doled up to look like a Gibson:laugh: I paid £60 for a luthier and he replaced broken truss rod and set-up best he could. But being pre-Rock Band 3 days I soon gave up trying to play it and it's main purpose was to be just an ornament, as I was never going to attempt learning again:D It does have problems at higher frets but looks a lovely ornament in the lounge.

EDIT Jan 2014, Fret levelled, nut filed, electronics sprayed by Luthier, now a player!

2) Squire Rock Band 3 Stratocaster
April 2011, £206 JG Windows


I then read in Edge Magazine in W H Smiths about a new game Rock Band 3 that would have a 'real guitar' released to play along to your favourite bands. Yeah, really! Then I started reading these xbox music forums and it was like a soap opera, and still IS! The Mustang was brought straight away but that doesn't quite qualify here, although it had 105 buttons! Then the Squire was released and I was lucky enough to get one mail order from JG Windows in Newcastle thanks to a tip-off from Craigy. A guitar ahead of it's time, playable (to a degree) outside of the game, and midi signals relaying to my favourite ever computer game RB3. Still fun to this day. Absolutely shamefully setup from Fender and withdrawn 2 weeks later.

3) PRS 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24
October 2011, £499 (price-match down from £599) PMT Southend

1203 prs1w.jpg

GAS starts on the forum as we all start buying real guitars to play outside of Rockband 3. Royal Blue PRS.

4) Jackson PS4
May 2012, £92, e-bay Heybridge Basin


Found the Local Deal e-bay App! Nice bargain for a Floyd-Rose guitar, lovely low action

5) Vintage Wraith Metal Axe Bass
June 2012, £43 e-bay Kent


Another drive for an e-bay bargain. Active bass just to try and see if bass is fun in Rocksmith and play a few notes on recordings.

6) Gear4Music Stratocaster
July 2012, £15, e-bay Basildon
Speculative bid as only 8 miles away and came with a case!

7) Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar SS Bass
November 2012, £191 GAK Brighton
Really enjoy bass, and the Vintage although sounding great, is bit uncomfortable with it's fins and length! So thought a short-scale would be the answer. Passed to Barbara now.

8) Peavey Millenium BXP4 Bass
November 2012, £99 offer (list £199) mail order Guitar Guitar


Less than a week after buying the Jaguar, bargain half-price offer on full size Peaveys and beautiful Tiger Eye colour!

9) Epiphone Dot (335)
March 2013, £279 Guitar Guitar Epsom


Really getting into blues and enticed by a Semi Acoustic that can be strummed and heard while watching TV

10) Variax JTV59 Cherry Sunburst
June 2013, £649 offer (list £1099) Andertons


Heard a Variax demo end of 2012 and went for the free Backtrack! Once Andertons had 50 on offer, I jumped in car down to Guildford and cherry picked one!

11) Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor
Jan 2014, £241 PMT 10% off day!

1401 babyt4a.jpg

My first decent acoustic, a Baby but ideal with my frozen shoulder.


Peavey Vypyr 15
June 2009, £89, PMT Southend
April 2013, Sold £45 eBay

Vox Mini 3
April 2011, £108, PMT Southend

Orange Crush 10
2012, eBay £22
April 2013, Sold £31

Fender Frontman 25B Bass amp
June 2012, £32? eBay

Blackstar HT5R 2x10 Anniversary Edition
April 2013, £369 price match (£429), PMT Southend

Pedals, Recording, Accessories:

Route 66 Overdrive & Compression
October 2011, Free offer with PRS SE Custom 24

Zoom R8, Multi-track Recorder
1310 ZoomR8-webs.jpg

Zoom G2.1Nu Multi-Effects pedal
eBay £40?

Line 6 Backtrack+
Dec 2012, free with Variax demo

Wallmounts: £13 x 5 = £65

Straps, Leads, Cleaners, Picks = £150

Leeds Guitar Dictionary 2400 Chord Positions, 35/- (is that shillings!)
Hendrix Smash Hits - Fender G-Dec 3 edition, £20
Learn To Play Bass Guitar, Phil Capone, £13
Hal Leonard - Blues Bass, £12?
Teach Yourself Guitar Tone and Effects, £12?
Blues By The Bar, £8

iPhone Apps: £15
iRig recorder
Time Trainer
Anytune Pro+

Xbox 360: Rockband 3, Beatles RB, Rocksmith = £100
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Picture then details later, after I open some wine :)



Fender Strat (Mexican) £300 long time ago
Epiphone LP £400 10 y.o.
JVT59 £659 June
Yamaha £459 2009
Tanglewood carbon fibre semi £450 1991
Fender American Standard Strat £899 2013


Roland GR55 £489 2013


Line 6 AmpliFii £299 Dawsons
Peavy Classic 20


Zoom R16 £239 Dawsons
Shure SM57 £79 Dawsons
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Gibson Les Paul Standard 2013 Heritage Cherry Sunburst
Washburn N2 Paduak - £212 new eBay special
B.C. Rich Mockingbird Special X - £279


Orange Micro Terror head - pressie
Orange PPC112 cab
Orange PPC108 cab


Digitech Bad Monkey - free with Total Guitar sub
Digitech Hardwire Valve Distortion - £40 ebay
Digitech RP90 - £35 s/h ebay
Istomp x2 - £49

Other Equipment

Line 6 Backtrack - £11.05 s/h ebay
Boss Micro BR - £50.00 s/h ebay
Box of Gibson picks


Justin Guitar Beginners Song Book -£15
Total Guitar sub
The Beauty of the Burst


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Jim Deacon - £72 as part of an ebay purchase with Marshall Rockbox (Amp, guitar strap, strings & winder, tuner, picks). Bought for the amp, Guitar came free :D. March 2008
Ibanez GRG170DX - £160, March 2008
Epiphone G-400 Silverburst - £250, July 2012
Peavy Bass - £100, November 2012
Variax JTV-89 - £580, August 2013

Marshall MG15DFX - £72 As above came with a free guitar. March 2008
Fender G-Dec 3 Fifteen - £100 ebay. September 2013
Amplifi 75 - £249 Line 6 stand at Great British Guitar Show. March 2014.
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Guitars - In order of purchase (I think)

Encore Strat - Shop clearance - £70
Vintage Lemon Drop - (Sold) - £329
Ibanez Gr200L Bass - £130 S/H
Fender American Deluxe Strat - £1250(ish)
Fender Mexican Strat - £330(ish)
Freshman Electro Acoustic - £180(ish)
Gibson Les Paul Standard - £975
Fender Squier CV Tele - £310

I have a hopeless memory with prices :(
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1) Strat copy (sunburst) of unknown provenance bought secondhand while I was at university for £75 (in 1987 or '88, I think). Now passed on to my son for Rocksmith purposes.

2) Yamaha APX-4A acoustic,bought for around 18,000 Belgian Francs before we had the Euro (about €€450), probably around 15 years ago.

3) Lag Arkane (I think it's an A100, but not the current one) bought for €€370 in 2008. This is my Drop D guitar! :D In the picture, I've taken the tremolo arm off but you can see where it goes.

4) Fender Pawn Shop '72 (sunburst) bought this year (2013) for €€795.

5) Brian May Special, black and gold, bought in November 2013 for £599 (but a present from my gf!). Review and photos here: Guitar review: Brian May Special | AVForums

6) Chapman ML-2 Black Cherry, bought January 2014 for £449. Review and photos here: New guitar: Chapman ML-2 | AVForums


1) Yamaha RBX170 (red) bought earlier this year (2013) for about £167 (including delivery to Belgium).


1) Aria Pro II, 30W - bought many years ago, probably around 1991. I can't remember what I paid for it (about £80 or £90, I think). It's a pretty basic, cheap amp which sounds rubbish and has now been retired from active service (I'll probably sell or chuck it).

2) Line 6 DT25, bought November 2013, cost me €719. Mind-blowingly fantastic!

3) Orange Micro Crush Pix, bought January 2014, £35. Very small amp (15cm high). OK for casual use when you don't want to lug a big amp around, but the sound is a bit tinny.

Photo showing my Line 6 DT25 & HD500X, plus the treble booster and the Orange amp...


1) Boss ME-50, bought a few years ago for €249, mainly out of curiosity since I didn't really know what effects pedals did. Rather an expensive white elephant as I never really used it, and now I've got the HD500X.

2) Line 6 HD500X, bought November 2013 for €475 (together with the amp, and they added a free gig bag for the pod which was priced at €90). Very sexy box, although a bit complicated (see photo above with the amp).

3) Fryer Guitars - Brian May Treble Booster - Touring, bought in February 2014 for £120.


I have a few books of scores, and my other main musical instrument is a Technics electric piano (bought in 2000 for about £2000!).

Finally, this is my Rocksmith station :) The amplifier is a Cambridge Audio 840Av2, paired with a Cambridge Audio 840C CD player and connected to a pair of ProAc Studio 130 speakers.


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Cracking idea for a thread Andrew! :smashin:

I can't remember the make of my first guitar or amp, but they were both £150 in 1990. The amp was awful, hated it. The guitar was all black with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard and single humbucker in the bridge. It couldn't stay in tune for it's life, but it was the guitar I learnt on and I can still remember sitting in my bedroom practicing the 15 basic chords over and over until my fingers literally bled. I was playing for four years before I bought my second guitar. Both of these are in my parents loft and I'd never get rid. Too much sentimental value. :)
Anyhoo, I'll try and list things in chronological order.

1) 1989 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Vintage Sunburst - My 21st birthday present in 1994, cost about £925 second hand from JC's Guitar Workshop in Newcastle. Also where I played a '59 Les Paul that cost £39,000 at the time. Same guitar is probably worth over £300,000 if it's in the same condition.

2) Ovation Celebrity Deluxe Acoustic in Cherry Red - My next purchase took 4 years (1998), but is another beauty. Big Sambora influence as I always wanted one with the Adamas (way too expensive) sound holes. Still sounds great today and was £549 from a great local music shop that sadly didn't last very long. That reminds me, I also bought a cheap Yamaha acoustic in Brisbane when I was travelling round the world. Had some great times with that guitar and it lasted the whole time. Sadly the neck came off while I was playing it at T In The Park 2000. Wonder where it is now?

3) Epiphone Supernova Noel Gallagher Signature in Vintage Sunburst - Bought this in 1999 for about £320 I think from Flying Pig Music somewhere down south. Absolutely love Oasis (obsessed may be a better word) and Noel Gallagher is the greatest ever songwriter for me. This nails that 90's Indie/Britpop sound which I still say is the greatest era of music ever. Nearly sold it last year and so glad I didn't.

4) Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus in Vintage Sunburst - Influenced by you lot (again I thank you all sincerely) I bought this when RS came out in September last year as a fresh start and not touching a guitar in about 8 years. It cost £550 from Andertons and is a cracking guitar for the money with a lot of upgrades over a standard Epiphone Les Paul, especially the Gibson pickups.

5) Fender 50's Classic Player Stratocaster in two tone Sunburst - Bought this for about £540 from Thomann. Now my tastes have broadened I figured I had to have at least one Strat. Again, great guitar for the money, but the pickups are very weak and weedy.

6) 2013 Fender Custom Deluxe Stratocaster in Faded Cherry Sunburst - What can I say about this guitar that I haven't already? As you know, I was obsessive looking for an original Richie Sambora Strat but they go for silly prices. I ended up thinking about getting one custom made, but after trying a 2011 model in Guitar Guitar I saw this one that had even better specs and the colour I was after. Personally I prefer it to this years models and they've also increasedthe price by about £200.
It is by far my best guitar in every way, but especially looks. Photos really don't do the quilted top and flame neck justice. I actually was playing all my guitars and amps the other day to settle what sounds best with what and it is also the nicest playing guitar I own by a mile. Absolutely no contest. The handwound Abby pickups are not just hype either, soooooo nice and hot too, which I like. I paid £1799 for it as a 40th birthday present to myself from Coda Music, who were amazing and could not have been more helpful.
It is an unbelievable amount of money for a guitar, but honestly worth it to me. Other people who've played have said the same thing as well, it really is something special and my pride and joy. I haven't actually touched it for weeks and noticed it now has a small crack in the finish at the back of the body. :(
I definitely haven't bashed it on anything and it's just sat in the case so not sure how it's happened. I'm going to give the Custom Shop a shout (you get a lovely membership pack when you register the guitar) and see if they can do anything.

7) Fender EVH Special in Natural - Complete impulse buy this for £599 from Guitar Guitar. I was never a fan of the looks, but think it looks beautiful in this colour with that maple finish. Again a heck of a lot of guitar for the money and a fantastic rock guitar. Also my first Floyd Rose guitar. I have to admit this is my least played guitar since I got number 8. There's nothing wrong with it and it sounds better than 8, but I still like it better, especially the look. If I had to sell any guitar it would be this one.

8) Fender Plus Top HSS Stratocaster in Aged Cherry Sunburst - Even with the CS Strat I still had an itch for a Sambora Strat, so this was always going to be a no brainer. I got it from GAK for £602 and again they were amazingly helpful. I even put some star in inlays on, which aren't perfect, but definitely give it that Sambora look. Yet again a fantastic guitar for the money and a beautiful flame finish in my favourite colour for a Strat. Plays and sounds great, but the humbucker isn't the best. this is probably the guitar I've played the most since I got it. Love it.

1) Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80w Combo - Bought this for about £330 I think from A1 Music in Manchester when I moved there to go to Uni. I've already talked about it in the other thread, but it was my only amp for 20 years and now I remember why. Classic Marshall sound for a great price.

2) Blackstar HT-1 1w Combo - Bought this with the Epiphone LP Tribute from Andertons for £169. Amps have obviously moved on in the last 20 years and this is a great little practice tube amp. Basic controls, but stops you fiddling and gives a great sound no matter what. Highly recommended.

3) Fender GDEC 15 15w Combo - Bit of an impulse buy again, mainly because of the price which was about £110 from Thomann. Clever piece of kit and you could probably work wonders with it with some patience. I like it, but the distortions aren't amazing and I like the simple tube sound myself. Should really give it a chance though.

4) Blackstar HT-5TH 2x10 Anniversary 5w Combo - After getting the HT-1 and being impressed I wanted a HT-5 to get more variety of sounds. Got this from Guitar Pedals UK (who I've never heard of) for £349, which is, again, an absolute bargain considering it's about £429 everywhere else. A lovely sounding amp that can give a real variety of sounds right across the range. A lot of amp for the money.

5) Orange Micro Terror 20w Head and 8" cab - This always fascinated me as it seemed ridiculous for the price. The Andertons video sold me on it as they seemed to have so much fun with it and were genuinely blown away by it. I got it for £159 from Gear 4 Music with the matching cab and all cables, plus a t-shirt, whcih is a good deal. If I had to use one word to describe it it would have to be LOUD. It is honestly staggering how something this small with an 8" speaker can make so much noise, and excellent quality noise at that!! To be honest it's too loud for my small house and I can't get the best out of it. Personally I don't think it's great with the gain on full, but it sounds fantastic right on the edge of clean/crunch and mid crunch. I tend to use this with the Strats as they sound much better through it to me.

Amazing to think I've bought most of that in the last year!! :eek:
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Right then, let's give this a go. Going from memory, will check later :)


Chord Strat copy (surf blue) £120ish I think I paid £150 or something for it with a Marshall MG10 which is long gone.

Fender Squier Classic Vibe Tele (butterscotch blonde) eBay £210

PRS SE Santana from Rock Hard Music, £700

Variax JTV-59 Cherryburst, £932, Thomann

Brunswick electro acoustic, £50 eBay


Blackstar HT-5 £290, I think, Rock Hard Music

(Previously owned aforementioned MG10, Peavey Vypyr 15, Fender Mustang 1)


Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah - around £40 eBay

Marshall Guvn'r 2 around £25 eBay

Zoom G3 + Expression pedal (effectively upgrading it to the G3X) £110 eBay - soon to be back on eBay, having been replaced by

Line 6 Pod HD500X (£386 PMT Northampton 1/1/14)


Justinguitar Beginners Songbook
Justinguitar Acoustic Songbook
Justinguitar Pop Songbook
Justinguitar Rock Songbook

Play Guitar With....

The Rolling Stones
Buddy Holly
The Beatles
The Who
20 Rock Classics

Other miscellaneous tab books, U2, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, The White Pages

Loads of others that I can't remember right now, but I'll see if I can list them later :)

Countless iPhone/iPad Apps too:D

And of course, we mustn't forget Rocksmith :thumbsup:

Coming up on the third anniversary of Rockband 3 and the Pro Guitar Mustang controller, which is what got me interested in the whole guitar thing and is ultimately responsible for all the above :D

Before that the only interest in playing guitar was those drunken teenage post pub brainstorming sessions "let's start a band" never mind that none of us owned or could play any instruments:laugh:
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Bought for Sold for

Yamaha Pacifica (with soft case) 100 75
Epiphone Les Paul Studio (with hard case) 107 155
Fender standard strat 390
Squire CV 175
Fender delux case 15
Stagg accoustic 20 30
Guitalele 0 35
Vintage v400 & case 105
Vintage vs6 46
Strat copy 35 20
Hard case (free with strat copy) 0

Rage 158 amp 15 10
Peavey vypyr 15 30 45
Cable 6
Cable 6
Blackstar ht1r 107 78
Blackstar ht1r (second unit inc cash back) 190
Micro cube 60

Boss HM-2 0 60
screamin blues 30

Hercules floor stand 30
Hercules wall standx2 26
Hercules wall stand (gift) 0
Floor stand 9

Justin guitar beginers course 11
Justin guitar beginers song book 10
Justin guitar practical music theroy 10
Justin guitar rock song book 11
Blues you can use/ chords/ licks 13.5
Chord book 3
Guitar for Dummies 10 5

Total spent=1570.5 Total sold=513

Total 1057.5


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Epiphone Dot £279
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass £259
Fender Modern Player Thinline Telecaster Deluxe £373

Laney TubeFusion TF100 s/h £60

Line 6 SonicPort £69
Panasonic RP-HTX7 Headphones £31

Justin guitar beginners course book £11
Justin guitar beginners song book £10
Guitarist Subscription £28



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As i've introduced myself in the learning thread i thought i'd list my gear here.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard - 2nd hand from ebay with bag, stand, strap etc. Had it set up and restrung by local luthier. Still find it difficult to play but that's more down to me than the guitar. £275

Vox AD15 VT Modelling amp purchased as part of the deal with the gear above.

Yamaha Pacifica 212 VQM Tobacco Brown Sunburst. Ex display PMT Northampton. £215

James Tyler Variax JTV-69 lake Placid Blue, most recent B-Stock sales at Andertons. Was a scratch that needed itching:laugh: £649

Also got the JustinGuitar Beginners coursebook, Beginners songbook and Rock songbook. RUST DVD.

Thought that i would put back in as his lessons and videos keep me coming back to my guitars.
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My small collection of Equipment :)

First purchase was my Yamaha DTX 500 electronic midi drums. Still play in RB3 and I had a few lessons to accompany Andrew on All Right Now!

Andrew bought a Squire Jaguar short-scale Bass, but then was tempted by an advert posted in this thread for a Peavey Bass five days later. I started having a quick go of the Jaguar and quite enjoy playing so it is now officially my Guitar :D


hammer man

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for the benefit of continuity I have posted my equipment here


Yamaha APX5 12 string bought jan '13 Epsom guitar guitar £349
Ibanez 570 mhsol (mahogany special oil) Percy Priors High Wycombe 1996 £799
Levingson Blade R4 Classic Misty Violet. Music Shop in Chatham 1991 £699


Pod Pro Soho Soundhouse Prob mid 90's £299
Marshall JMP 1 Early 90's £300
Marshall 8008 power amp Chandler's Kew can't remember how much



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Electric Guitars:

Years ago had a Washburn N2 big Extreme fan.(sold :()

Then bought a Epiphone Sheraton II big oasis fan (sold :()
Me in action with it some 15 years ago.

Now have a Encore which i found in a lab clear out at work

Im hoping to trade in the Encore for one of these soon:

Epiphone ES-339

Acoustic Guitars


Traded that in for what i have now


Used to have a PEAVY amp, but nothing now.
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Some cool gear in here :)

Had a few bits and bobs over the years, Axe electric, Encore electric, Gorrila amp, Selmer head, Marshall cab, various other guitars/amps but currently have:

Washburn acoustic which the model number escapes me at the minute :confused:

Gordon Smith Graf from 92/93 in flame red with older style Fender headstock :)

Gordon Smith GS2

Vox Pathfinder 15R

Yamaha DTX, GS2 and Washburn a Zoom 2020 multi effects and a selection of handmade pedals lol


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Have a very small collection at the moment, but I plan on growing it!


Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic, red £110

Fender Squier Affinity Strat (from Frontman Pack) £160


Frontman 15g

Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 (£10 second hand)


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ION drum rocker frame
2 x Roland PD85 mesh pads
2 x standard ION pads
1 x Roland CY5 (hi hat)
4 x Roland CY8 cymbals
Alesis Trigger I/O brain
Mapex bass pedal
ION hi hat controller
Pearl drum throne

A fair amount of dust

Total cost way too much. Lets just say I could probably have bought a set of new TD9KXs

Elevation guitar returned
12/11/13 - Schecter Omen Solo 6 in vintage white £149.00 and damn you all!

I'm sure it wont be long before this list is as long (and expensive, id better get saving!) as the drum list!
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WOW some amazing gear in here!! That Custom Strat got me all fizzy in my pants!! sweet!!

My gear is quite humble in comparison. I cannot remember what I paid for most things as I have had them a while! Sorry

Fender Cyber Deluxe - Nice little amp although it has a bit of a buzz on distorted tones… Maybe I should get rid of this and get something new…?

Fender Bassman - I think, but this is in the Attic…. naughty me

Lately though I have been shuffled into a corner of the lounge and have invested in a ALESIS iO2 which is connected to the iMac. Brilliant little bit of kit when using Logic Pro X and Guitar Rig 5 I am lost in a world of sweet tones!!


Squier Standard Strat Sunburst- Got this form the misses when we first met to get me back into playing, think it cost around £230 at the time, now the girls are using it to play on RS2014

Squier Jazz Bass Sunburst - Love this bass, really thin neck and nice sweet spot on the tone, again the missus bought me this for around £200

Takemine G Series Electro Acoustic Cherry - This is a beautiful crisp acoustic, paid around £400 for it back before the kids (so a good 12 years ago

Fender USA Standard Strat Sky Blue - My first proper electric, got it for roughly £500 when I bought the cuber deluxe. Still love playing this baby

Fender USA Standard Tele Ash Body - I got this for my 30th from my Mum, cost £1100 at the time. Sweet nasal tone.

Ibanez GIO Bass Cherry - Bought this off my bro in law, he gigged with it a few times hence the chips. Nice and crisp sound though. Paid him £80 at the time

Epiphone Les Paul LP-100 Sunburst - Surprised by this one, I thought it was a more expensive guitar, great sound and feel. The sustain is immense. Got it form my 40th (last week) looks like it costs £179 - recommended first guitar for anyone!

I also have a CLassical acoustic which I have lent to my mate for him to practice on, giving him lessons… Nothing special…. bought it from a charity shop for £25!!

I have had many others over the year but can't be bothered to list them all!!

A total curse and a very addictive hobby, but totally worth every penny!!


My 9 yr old on the Squier Strat learning Pour Some Sugar on Me… life doesn't get any sweeter!!!

*EDIT* Apologies… photos have loaded up sideways…. Curses!!


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Hmm, we badly need more photos in this thread! Some people have been exemplary; others (myself included) need to add some more piccies so that we can all drool some more. I promise to update mine this weekend!

EDIT: Promise kept! Although I'm missing photos of my old gear because it's been put or sent away.
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I currently have:

Roland D70 Super LA Synthesizer
A Selmer Buescher Aristocrat Eb Alto Sax
Ibanez Acoustic Bass Guitar
Ibanez SR370 Electric Bass Guitar
Epiphone Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar (bought in 1992)
Epiphone Les Paul Jr Electric Guitar (came with Rocksmith 2014)
An Acoustic Guitar (can't remember the make)

I am actually getting a bass guitar custom built for me by Paul Stevens. We are calling it a StingBacker (a cross between a Rickenbacker and a Musicman Stingray)

Here is a photo of the wood and the to scale drawing plan (Maple body and neck with an ebony fingerboard)
The fret markers are going to be made of Burled Beach Corian (photo attached)
07 Burled Beach (800x533).jpeg
Stingbacker Drawing.jpg
StingBacker Wood.jpg

Paul Stevens' facebook page:

Basically it's a classic Rickenbacker 4001/3 shape with a Musicman Bridge pickup and a Rickenbacker neck pickup.

The difficult thing about building this spec is the fact that Rickenbackers are passive basses and Muscimans are active basses - however he has worked on a solution for this:

Master Volume and a Blend control to mix between pickups as this keeps the signals separate until they're blended. So the Ricky pickup would go to a Passive Tone control then to Blend then to Master Volume and the Musicman pickup would go to the active Tone Circuit then to Blend then to Master Volume.

The Ricky pickup will not go though the pre amp just a normal passive tone control then through a mixing circuit with a blend which is designed to retain the audio signals original characteristics (not change it so it still sounds like a Ricky) whilst mixing it with another signal and a volume. The Mixing circuit is important as it keeps the signal paths separate so the pickups dont feed back into each other, so keeping the active circuit from affecting the passive signal from the Neck pickup. The mixer also matches the signals from both pickups so one is not significantly louder than the other, unless you want it to. Basically it would attenuate the Musicman signal to match the Ricky signal.

On top of that, to make the bass even more unique a good friend of mine, Tim Mcdonagh, is an awesome illustrator (see his work here: ) he is designing some artwork to be burned in to the wood of the bass by my good friend Jon Hammond who runs Serenity Custom Drums

I'm bloody excited about finally getting the finished product, however it's going to be at least another 4 or 5 months...

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