The League


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US sitcom on its seventh and final season. It follows a group of friends in Chicago who are obsessed with playing fantasy (American) football. Many of the sporting references go way over my head but there are some great moments. Stars Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer who pop up in other comedies, but for me the best characters are the ones who don't care about the league, namely Taco and Jason Mantzoukas in his show-stealing role as Rafi.
I feel this show is under-rated and deserves more plaudits - few people I know have seen it. Although football is an integral part of it, you can enjoy the funny aspects of the show with still having zero knowledge of the game (like me).


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This is definitely the joke i remember the most. i like how he's run with the concept and evolved it over time!
el Cuñado aka Rafi needs his own spin-off. can't think of a more deranged comedy character!


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I pretty much binge watched series 1-5, great stuff, hope they bring it to a fitting end.


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So season 7 was a bit hit and miss, but the final episode ever was on last night and it was certainly up there as one of my favourite episodes ever.

It started with some brilliant Ruxin dark humour and ended perfectly in fitting with what I've come to expect of The League.


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Will have to look out for season 7 on Netflix. Is a great show, I may watch all the seasons again soon.


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The big plot twist from a couple of weeks ago was terrible. Actually there were two, one regarding someone's personal life and one more relevant to the league. Both were absolutely pointless curveballs.
The final season has been plagued with troughs and peaks as was the final episode. I genuinely thought Larry David was old Andre!
With it being on Netflix, I am rewatching it from the start and revisiting some epic storylines and gags from the early days. I didn't notice it at the time, but there was a post about the final episode on the Verge, and all commenters saw S1-3 as its golden era and S4 onwards was well off the ball. (side note, it's near impossible to find an old Facebook post, why can't we search like twitter?)

I'll definitely miss it but I won't miss seeing grown men act like children over pretend versions of hand-egg :laugh:

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