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Actors Paul Winfield (probably most remembered here as Lance Henriksenn's partner in Terminator) and Robert Pastorelli (played Cracker in the US) have both died in the last couple of days.
Winfield of a suspected heart attack and Pastorelli a suspected OD.


Paul Winfield actor has died age 62 of a heart attack on Sunday and had been suffering from ill health and diabetes.

Whilst his high (arts) school he was named as the best actor 3 years in a row in the annual Southern California school drama competition.
Paul won a Oscar nomination for is role in the 1972 film Sounder. He also received Paul was Emmy nominations for his roles in the 1978 mini series King (Martin Luther King) and one in 1079 for Roots: The Next Generation. He did though win one in 1995 for a guest appearance in Picket Fences.
I will remember him though for his role in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as the unfortunate Captain Terrell. He also made an appearance on STNG as the alien Captain Dathon in the episode Dathon who Captain Picard had trouble communicating with.

For a list of roles go here.

Born 22.5.1941 Los Angeles Californian, USA: Died 7.3.2004

Picture of Paul Winfield R.I.P.


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Richard Marner actor had died age 82.
Know by many for his role as Colonel Kurt von Strohm in “Allo ‘Allo! which role was played so masterfully.
He was born in Russia and whose real name was Alexander Molchanoff-Sacha, came to England via Finland as a small boy. He could speak four languages played a lot of characters from the eastern block (As he was when I spotted him the other week in Where the Spies Are) and Germans though out his career. Ironically he served in the RAF but took up acting after being invalided out of the service.
Reportedly he was a most charming, witty, humorous person.

For a list of roles go here.

Born St Petersburg, Russia: Died 18.3.2004 Scotland

Picture of Richard Marner R.I.P.


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Mercedes McCambridge

McCambridge won a 1950 Academy Award for her screen debut in All the King's Men.
Her other film credits include Inside Straight, The Scarf, Johnny Guitar, Lighting Strikes Twice, A Farewell to Arms, Suddenly, Last Summer, Cimarron, Run Home Slow, The Last Generaton, The Other Side of the Wind, Sixteen and Thieves.

Ironically one of the films McCambridge is best known for--she doesn't even appear in; the actress memorably voiced the demon in The Exorcist.

Behind the scenes, McCambridge battled alcoholism much of her life (although she eventually became sober and served as honorary chair of the Alcoholism Information Month), survived two broken marriages and lived through her only son shooting his wife, two children and himself in 1987. Her autobiography, The Quality of Mercy, was published in 1981

Born: 17 March 1918
Died: 18 Mar 2004 (?)

Aged 85 (almost to the day!)


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Jan Stirling actress has died age 82,from series of strokes.

Born in Manhattan but moved to Europe at an early age and was privately tutored in London and Paris. She went to an acting school in London when 15 and by the age of 17 retuned to the place of her birth and started to appear on Broadway. At the age of 26 appeared in her first film Tycoon.

For a list of roles go here

Born 3.4.1921 New York, USA : Died 26.3.2004 Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, California, USA

Picture of Jan Stirling R.I.P. with Edmond O'Brien from the1956 film version of 1984


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Don't want to outdo Garrett, but I've just read that Peter Ustinov died on Sunday (28-3-04) night.

He had acted in Spartacus, Death on the Nile, and Logan's Run, amongst other things, but on a personal level I will remember him really for two reasons:

He played Hup-Wan in Disney's One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing - one of my favourite films when I was a kid.

He was Chancellor of my university (Durham), and did all the graduation presentations, always having something witty to say to everyone he presented with a degree certificate.

Another who will be sorely missed...


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Peter Ustinov. One of the worlds most accomplished actors. A witty, fun, amusing man as well as actor. He also found time in his busy schedule to drum for "The Stranglers".

I shall watch Quo Vadis tonight in tribute. "Oh lampent flame...."


Just heard he died myself.

Sir Peter Ustinov actor died 82 of heart failure. He was also a writer of novels and plays and director of operas and was a good will ambassador for UNICEF. He also was a good mimic and excellent raconteur. In fact Michel Winner just recalled him being very frail and having to give a speech which he whilst doing it came alive with no signs of frailty yet of the stage was.
Although born in London was proud of his decidedly mixed ancestry which was Russian, German, Spanish, and Italian.
In WWII he was David Nivin’s batman
He was awarded the C.B.E. in 1975 and in 1990 was knighted.

One of his early films was in the Will Hay film The Goose Steps Out.

He won a Golden Globe for his role as Nero in Oue Vadis although I must say I though he was better as the slave trader in Sparticus which he deservedly won a best supporting actor Oscar. He also won 3 Emmys.
He also played the old man in Logans Run and in Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile and Evil Under the Sun as Hercule Poirot.
For a list of roles go here.

Born 16.4.1921 London, England: Died 28.3.04 at the Genolier clinic, Bursins, Switzerland

Picture of the much loved Peter Ustinov R.I.P.


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Alistair Cooke TV and Radio broadcaster has died. Age 95

Born in Salford, christened Alfred and brought up in a Blackpool boarding house. He went to Cambridge receiving a honours degree in English. Then changed his name to Alistair. Joined the BBC in 1934 as a film critic.

He was the American correspondent for the Guardian and started presenting Letters from America in March 1946 He only gave up his job as Letters from America the other week which he broadcast for over 5 decades
In the 70’s he did a TV version of it Alistair Cooke's America.

In 1973 was awarded a honoree knighthood. And in 1974 addressed the American Congress. Thought by many English as American and thought by many American as a typical Englishman.

Born 20.11.1908. Salford.Manchester. England : Died 29.3.04 America.

Picture of Alistair Cooke R.I.P.


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Carrie Snodgress actress age 57 has died of heart failure whist she was waiting for a liver transplant.

Carrie was a outstanding student at her drama collage which won her the Sarah Siddon Award. Her first film role was in 1970 with James Caan in Run Rabbit her next film performance in Diary of a Mad Housewife the same year won her an Oscar nomination

Was one time partner to Neil Young although they did not marry lived together for 7 years and had a son who had cerebral palsy. During this time she gave up work on films but returned in the 1978 Brian DePalma’s film The Fury staring Kirk Douglas. She has also appeared in Pale Rider with Clint Eastwood and more recently as guest in an early episode of The X-Files and The West Wing.

For a list of roles go here.

Picture of Carrie Snodgress R.I.P


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Caron Keating presenter, has tragically died of cancer age 41 which she had been battleing for 7 years.

Daughter of Gloria Huniford presented Blue Peter for 4 years and also presented Holiday, This Morning , Attractions and took over from Judy Finnigan as the host of We Can Work It Out.

Go here for video clips of her.

Born 5.10.1962 Northern Ireland: Died 13.4.2004 Sevenoaks, Kent, England

Picture of Caron Keating R.I.P.


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Noris McWhirter Co -founder with his brother of the Guinness Book of Records has died age 78.
He fell ill on Moday whilst playing tennis.
He was one of the presenters on Record Breakers Roy Castle and his twin bother Ross McWhirter who was killed in 1975 by the IRA.

Born 12.10.1925 Winchmore Hill, London, England, UK Died 19.4.2004 Wiltshire, England attack

Picture of Norris McWhirter CBE R.I.P.


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Phil Hinton

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Scottish football was saddened today (20/04/04) to learn of the death of Ronnie Simpson at the age of 74. Ronnie had a fantastic football career starting when he turned out for Queens Park as a 15-year-old and not ending until he was in his 40's - in between he had become a Scottish Football legend. Part of that superb career was spent at Easter Road, Ronnie signing for Hibs in October 1960 from Newcastle United. We reproduce here a tribute to Ronnie originally written by our site editor in January 2002, looking back on the career of a remarkable man - a legend in green.

After recently looking back on the career of one Hibernian legend, Des Bremner, who went on to pick up a European Cup winners medal elsewhere, we now remember another who did exactly the same thing. In the case of goalkeeper extraordinaire Ronnie Simpson, it was all the more remarkable an achievement for a man who perhaps should have been picking up his pipe and slippers rather than performing heroics between the sticks!

Ronnie was already thought to be well past his best by the time he arrived at a troubled Easter Road. He had made his senior debut at the end of the Second World War, when he turned out for Queens Park against Clyde at Hampden Park - when still to see his 15th birthday! From that day onwards was to be the one of the most remarkable football careers in the history of the game, as Simpson was many years later to add to the feat of being the youngest player to take part in a senior league game to then become the oldest ever capped by Scotland!

In between it was a roller-coaster ride of equally remarkable proportions. He spent five years as an amateur at Queens Park, during which time he was selected for the UK Olympic squad, before Ronnie went professional with Third Lanark. He was however only to spend six months there before Newcastle United snapped him up for £8,750, a good piece of business by the Glasgow club. These were the 'golden years' at Newcastle, the era of Millburn and Harvey, so it was no great surprise when within two years in the North East, Ronnie was at Wembley winning an FA Cup medal in a 1-0 triumph over Arsenal.

Three years later, Simpson had another FA winners medal, this time from a win over Manchester City. But in between the goalkeeper was to face the might of Hibernian in a Coronation Cup tie at Ibrox, Hibs running out impressive 4-0 winners. It was some years later however that Ronnie was to return to Scotland, when in October 1960 he signed for Hibs at a bargain £2,100 fee. Newcastle at least considered Simpson already past his best, but those foolish enough to say as much were made to eat their words in spectacular fashion.

Ronnie's Easter Road career did not start well, the goalkeeper having to pick the ball out of his next six times in a defeat at Easter Road - against Celtic! Better times were to come for Ronnie and Hibs however, notably in the club's astonishing win over Barcelona in Europe after riotous scenes during the home leg at Easter Road. The great European nights were however disguising Hibs indifferent domestic form, and it was largely the inspirational goalkeeping of Simpson that saved Hibs in the 1961/62 Season. The arrival of Jock Stein to Easter Road spelt the end for Ronnie at the club, Willie Wilson having won the favour of the new boss after Ronnie fell out with Stein - and was transferred to Celtic. It was all the more remarkable then that Stein himself moved to his first love just six months later - and forged a partnership with Simpson that would see both become Lisbon legends when Celtic lifted the European Cup three years later, Simpson playing a key part in the campaign that led to that 2-1 triumph over Inter Milan.

Ronnie Simpson was already 34 when he joined Celtic, but went on to make 184 appearances in his six seasons at Parkhead. The man who was supposed to be finished when he joined Hibs in 1960 turned in the best ten years of his career from that point on, and while Ronnie may well be a Celtic legend, he remains every bit a Hibernian legend as well.



Harry Babbitt
The voice of Woody Woodpecker has died aged 90 in California

See here for more info.



Alan King comedian and actor has died age 76 of lung cancer.
Known for his Jewish style of humour born to Russian immigrants. Starred in 22 films such films as Casino and also produced them such as Wolfen. I’m also think he performed at the Royal Variety Performance joking with the Queen and Price Phillip.

Some of his joke were:
"You do live longer with bran. But you spend the last 15 years on the toilet."
"Banks have a new image. Now you have a friend, your friendly banker. If the banks are so friendly, how come they chain down the pens?"

For a list of roles go here.

Born 26.12.1927 Brooklyn, New York , USA. Died 9.5.2004 New York, USA

Picture of Alan King R.I.P


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Anthony Ainley Sadly it has now been confirmed he has died.

Best known for his role as The Master who he took over from Roger Delgado after his untimely death in a road accident although other had played the role they had not been seen he originally played an other role in The Keeper of Traken as the kindly Tremas (Nyssa’s father) who’s body The Master took over .
He was trained at RADA and came to my attention in the main role of Clive Hawksworth in a spoof spy series on ITV called Spyders Web in 1972 which ran for 13 episodes. Also people may remember him as the U-Boat captain in the film The Land That Time Forgot.

Apart from acting Anthony was a keen cricketer and played for the London Theatres Crickets Club and would rather miss a job rather than a game.

For a clip of him as The Master go here.

For a gallery of him as The Master go here.

An a list of his roles here.

Born 20.8.1937 London, England. Died 3.5.2004. Harrow, Middlesex, England

Picture of Anthony Ainley R.I.P.


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John Cavadus Whitehead singer and songwriter has died. He was shoot dead whilst working on a vehicle.

Known better in the duo McFadden & Whitehead who were former member of a group called the Epsilons which was managed by Otis Reading till his death, the then moved to Stax record and had a minor hit with The Echo.
They then started writing with Gamble & Huff. and moved to Philadelphia International and some of the songs they wrote were 'Back Stabbers,' 'For the Love of Money,' for the O’Jays 'I'll Always Love My Mama, for the Intruders: ' 'Bad Luck, and ' 'Wake Up Everybody for Melvin, Harold & the Blue Notes

In 1979 they reached No3 in the charts with 'Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now', and reached No1 in the American soul charts.

Born 2.7.1984 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A: Died 11.5.2004 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A

Picture of John Cavadus Whitehead R.I.P.


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Tony Randall actor has died. He had developed pneumonia after having heart bypass surgery in December.

Tony served as private and first lieutenant in U.S. Army Signal Corps, 1942-46.
He became a father for the first time at the age of 77 he also later had an other child.
His carrier began on the radio in 1940, than in 1950 started work on TV in the TV series One Mans Family
Tony best know for his role on the TV series The Odd Couple as the ultra tidy, neurotic, precise Felix Unger, opposite to Jack Klugman’s untidy Oscar Madison. They shared a flat after there separations from there wife’s. The show ran from 1970 for 5 years and had 114 episodes and was based on the film of the same name he also won an Emmy for the role of Felix. The role of Felix had some echo’s of earlier roles which he co-stared in Doris Day films which are Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back, and Send Me No Flowers.
In 1976 stared in Tony Randall Show which both series were televised in the UK.
In 1993 reprised his Felix Unger role in a 1993 TV-movie version of The Odd Couple.

Although playing a lot of roles as fussy persons he was cast as Hercule Poirot in the Alphabet Murders although it was played more for laughs.
In the era of spy films was in the lead role playing opposite the lovely Senta Berga in Our Man in Marrakesh in 1966

For a list of roles go here.

Born 26.2.1920 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA . Died 17.5.2004

Picture of Tony Randall R.I.P.


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John Randolph Actor has died of natural causes age 88.
Although never a truly big star would be recognized by most and had a distinctive voice.
His film acting debut was in the1948 film Naked City as a policeman but because of his outspoken leftist view was black listed and was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1955 and pled the Fifth Amendment and refused to name names. He did not get film work again till director John Frankenheimer broke the Hollywood blacklist after casting Randolph, along with fellow "marked" actors Will Geer and Jeff Corey, in Seconds (1966) which hopefully you saw may last hour tip last night to watch it on BBC2.
In 1987 he won a Tony award for his role in the play Broadway Bound.

For a list of his roles go here.

Born 1.6.1951 New York, USA: Died 24.2.2004 Hollywood, California, USA

Picture of John Randolph R.I.P.


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Actor Richard Biggs, who played doctor Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5, passed away this weekend. He was only 43. :(


Bruce Boa actor and footballer for the Calgary Stampeders has died.
Bruce was born in England but was raised in Canada but setteled back in England more than 45 years ago.
Bruce is probably best known for his role in Fawltey Towers as the brash American who pay Basil to keep the kitchen open and orders a Waldorf Salad as a starter, and a screwdriver to drink.
A lot of his roles were in UK productions playing an American commonly with some authority such as his role in Octopussy as a US General. Also General Rieekan as the person in charge of the rebels at the Hoth base in The Empire Strikes Back. Which all appear to hide the fact he was a warm hearted person and was very good with his fans.

For a list of Bruce's roles go here.

Born England: Died 17.4.2004

Picture of Bruce Boa R.I.P.


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Stuart Wright

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I remember this guy from Empire Strikes Back and Full Metal Jacket.


Max Harris has died age 86. He was a composer of TV theme tunes some of his scores were for On The Buses, Porridge, Open All Hours but my favorites of his were Doomwatch and The Gold Robbers.

For a more complet biography go here.

For a list of works go here.

Born 15.9,1918 Bournemouth, Dorset, England : Died 6.3.2004

Picture of Max Harris R.I.P.


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Hilda Fenemore actress has died age 84.
Hilda although never a main star was a fine character actress whose carrier spans 6 decades and although the name may not be recognized by many I’m sure the face will. Some of here roles where in the TV production of 1984 with Peter Cushing in 1954, a number of Carry On films and The Stone Tape and a number of appearances in Open All Hours.

For a full list of roles go here.

Born 22.4.1919 London England: Died 13.4.2004

Pictures of Hilda Fenemore R.I.P.


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